It’s a Shake Painting Party!

I’ve seen loads of shaky painting projects all over the internets, but we’ve not tried it yet. Sometimes I forget that my kids actually have their own ideas of what looks fun to make, so when my main main Beckett and I were scrolling Pinterest, and we spied shake painting, he got a little excited.

Luckily for him, I own every art material on the entire planet, so we had everything necessary to shake up our own paintings.

shake painting on paper

Materials for Shake Painting

  • Paint – we used craft paint from Target, because the colors are gorgeous!
  • Paper – white card stock
  • Marbles or pebbles or beans or roly poly bugs if they agree to stay curled up like balls.
  • Jar – use a plastic jar so vigorous shaking doesn’t break it. This is an excuse to eat TONS of peanut butter. optionally, you can use a glass mason jar if you use something light like dried beans.

Yep. Totally this is all you need.

Shake painting art supplies

Directions for Shake Painting

  • Squirt 2-3 small squirts of paint colors in the bottom of the jar
  • Fit a rolled-up piece of paper (cut to the size of the jar) inside the jar – we cut our papers in half length-wise
  • Drop in a few marbles, etc. (you can experiment with how many you want to use)
  • Do a little shaky dance all over the room to your favorite 90’s pop music
  • Remove the paper and gasp at the beauty of your masterpiece that you made without getting paint all over your entire house
  • Rinse the jar out thoroughly between paint shakes

Life is good.

shake painting supplies

Ideas for Your Shake Paintings

Cut ’em into postcards and send ’em to Grandma.

Cut them up and collage with them.

Let them dry and stamp over them in a contrasting paint color.

Make a little book out of them.

Frame them! Abstract art!

[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”1Egujxbj” upload-date=”2018-12-16T19:33:49.000Z” name=”Shake Painting – No Mess Art For Kids” description=”Mess-free action painting for kids”]

Shake painting- a mess-free kid's art project

I love this painting project for young kids, as they get to be all active with shaking the jar around, it’s super fast todo, and it’s virtually mess-free (if you remove the paper from the jar). The paint dries really fast, so you can get to doing whatever you want to with the little finished paintings.

An extra-special bonus benefit to this project is that if you drip two colors in that mix well, you can teach your kid color mixing! I for one look for every excuse I can to mix colors. It’s the coolest.

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