Popular Halloween Paper Plate Crafts

Ah, Halloween. The spooky, fun-filled holiday has both children and young adults alike excited for dressing up in their favorite costumes and going trick-or-treating with their friends. It’s one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, which is why preparations for it can be rather extravagant and start as early as September.Elaborate Halloween decorations likejack-o’-lanterns and backyard cemeteries are definitely impressive to look at, but not everyone has the time or budget for them. Or perhaps they simply have a more conservative taste in décor.Whatever the case may be, today we’ll be sharing some easy-to-make Halloween crafts which are relatively inexpensive and can be embellished according to your personal preferences. What you’ll be needing is: paper plates! Paper plates are the main components of all these DIYs, which are perhaps one of the most versatile materials out there to craft with.Want to up your Halloween décor game this year, but don’t have that many fancy supplies? Fear not! We’ve got an assortment of paper plate Halloween crafts which are just what you’re looking for!Grab your paper plates and art supplies and get ready to start crafting!

Paper Plate Bat And Moon

Paper Plate Bat And MoonSource: https://kidscraftroom.com/paper-plate-bat-craft-and-mobile/

If you have a slightly older child who would like to make a more complicated craft for Halloween, this paper plate bat craft and mobile could be the perfect option for you. This one may require some adult input, but it’s a really nice way to spend quality time with your child as you get the house ready for Halloween.

To make this mobile, you will need two plain paper plates, some black yarn, googly eyes, white paper, glue, sticky tape, black paint, and yellow paint. Many of these are things that you may already have, and paper plates tend to be readily available around Halloween, so you should be able to pick a pack up if you haven’t got any.

This craft is wonderfully 3D, and the colorful eyes look fantastic. Those little fangs are also ultra cute and give the bat a nice vampiric look, ideal for terrifying your guests.

It’s really nice that this craft has two parts to it, because your child gets to make a full “scene” for their decoration, rather than just one thing. Hang both parts of the mobile from a tree near the house or in your living room, and your child will enjoy lots of compliments from the guests who visit.

Who doesn’t love bats? These are a brilliant craft for making your home look scary and decorative, without having to spend a lot on the materials, and you’ll both have fun making it!

Spooky Eyeball

Spooky EyeballSource: https://theclassroomcreative.com/2013/10/halloween-paper-plate-spooky-eyeball-craft/If you want a really spooky ornament for your wall or to hang above the heads of your guests and make them feel they are permanently being watched, a paper plate eyeball is a great addition to any Halloween decorations.


To make a spooky eyeball, you’re going to need:

  • A large white paper plate
  • Tissue paper in whatever color you would like the iris to be
  • Glue
  • Black paper
  • A red marker

Step 1: Tear Up The Tissue Paper

Tear the tissue into small squares and chunks, and then use these to build the iris in the center of your paper plate. You probably want to use the underside of the plate, and you could draw yourself a rough circle to use as a guide.

Step 2: Cut Out A Pupil

Draw and then cut a circle from the black card and glue it in the middle of the iris. You can add a little spot of white paint or paper to make the eye look shiny.

Step 3: Draw Red Veins

Grab your red pen and draw some veins coming from the colored iris toward the edge of the plate. Squiggly lines that split into one or two places and run to the edge should look great. Try not to overdo this; you can always add more later. Hey presto, you’ve got a creepy stare ready to be hung up!

Paper Plate Spiders

Paper Plate Frankenstein's MonsterSource: https://iheartcraftythings.com/paper-plate-spiders.htmlWhat’s a Halloween celebration without spiders? You can have great fun here and get as creative as you like. This is a cool craft to do with kids too, and you can either hang these little fellas up with some fake cobwebs or dangle them in doorways to prey on the heads of unsuspecting passersby.


Your spooky spiders will require:

  • Two paper plates per spider
  • Paint in whatever color(s) you want your spider(s) to be
  • Plenty of googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaners
  • A paintbrush
  • A glue gun
  • Thread or yarn

Step 1: Paint The Plate

Paint your two paper plates in whatever color you choose (who says spiders have to be black?) on the bottom sides, and leave them to dry. Acrylic paints are best for this, as they will give you nice, bright colors and an even look.If you don’t want to paint your spider, you could tear up some paper or tissue paper and glue it on instead, but this may give you a slightly patchier look.

Step 2: Glue The Plates Together And Add Legs

Cut your pipe cleaners in half, and bend them to create convincing spidery legs.Glue your two paper plates together with the painted sides facing out, leaving some gaps for the legs. Poke the legs in through the edges and add more glue to the edges to ensure they are well fixed in place. Bend the legs about a bit more, making your spidery shape perfect.

Step 3: Glue The Googly Eyes

Grab eight googly eyes and arrange them on the “face” of the spider. You could use glow-in-the-dark googly eyes for even more effect, or crazy colors to brighten them up. Selecting several different sizes is also very effective.

Step 4: Hang Your Spider Up

Punch a hole at the top of your spider’s body and thread some yarn through its body, and then hang it up. These plates will look particularly good with fake cobwebs trailing around them, possibly even hanging down from their legs.

Paper Plate Frankenstein’s Monster

Paper Plate Frankenstein's MonsterSource: https://www.gluedtomycraftsblog.com/2015/09/paper-plate-frankenstein-kid-craft-2.htmlFor a last, super simple paper plate craft, let’s create a Frankenstein’s Monster. These are really simple, so they’re perfect if you’ve got kids who would like to get involved. They also only require half a paper plate, so you can make several without burning through your paper plate stash too fast!


You will require:

  • A paper plate
  • Green tissue
  • Black paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step 1: Cover The Plate

Cut your paper plate in half and cover it in green squares of tissue paper to create Frankenstein’s Monster’s iconic skin. It doesn’t need to be perfect, and you can glue on a few other colors if you want to create a patchy, moldering effect.

Step 2: Cut Out The Features

You’ll want some tufts of black hair, some little round eyes, a choppy mouth, and two bolts for either side of the head. The mouth should look scary, either stitched or with jagged teeth. You could also make the eyes slanted to make them aggressive.

Step 3: Glue The Face On

Glue the eyes and mouth in place, and then add the hair. You could also give your little Frankenstein’s Monster eyebrows. Glue the bolts to either side of the paper plate, and you’ve finished a great Frankenstein’s Monster plate, perfect for decorating the table or door with!

Paper Plate Bat In The Graveyard

Paper Plate Bat In The GraveyardSource: https://kidscraftroom.com/paper-plate-bat-puppet-craft/Do you love interactive crafts that will keep your child entertained even after the crafting session is done? If so, this is the perfect one for you, because it creates an utterly adorable bat puppet that your child can control and play with for hours.This is a great craft for teaching your child a bit about bats as you make it, and it’s not too complicated ““ although an adult will probably need to help with a few parts of it.To make this clever and unusual craft, you will need the printable bat craft template, two craft sticks, some paint in various colors, some paint pens, some glue, a stapler, and two paper plates. With a little bit of work, your child will soon have a super cute bat puppet craft that they can show off to everyone at school.This probably isn’t the simplest craft that you can do, but that makes it a wonderful challenge for a child who is keen on crafting and making something interactive. It is also something fun for older siblings to show to younger ones, who will enjoy the moving bat even if they are too little to create one.Don’t be deterred, because it’s actually easier to make than it looks, and it’s a fabulous teaching method, as well as being fun!

Paper Plate Witch Hat

Paper Plate Witch HatSource: https://cutesycrafts.com/2015/10/halloween-craft-for-kids-paper-plate-witch-hat.htmlA paper plate witch hat is another very inventive way to turn a paper plate into a Halloween decoration ““ and wearable decoration at that! You can have a lot of fun with this and kids will love adding it to their costumes.


For this craft, you’re going to require:

  • 1 Paper plate
  • 1 Party hat
  • Black paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Decorative items

Step 1: Paint Your Plate And Hat

You want both the plate and the hat to be a really solid black. Get your child to paint one component while you paint the other, and then swap so you get a couple of coats.Don’t forget to put down newspaper, dress your kid in old clothes, and add an apron if you’re going to use acrylic paints for this.You may find that the hat needs to be turned inside out (if this is possible) in order to paint it well, as many party hats are shiny cards on the outside, and the paint won’t stick to this. If you haven’t got a party hat, you can just make a cone out of cardboard.

Step 2: Draw Around The Hat

Put the hat on the paper plate and draw around it with a pencil. Draw another circle a couple of centimeters smaller inside this one, and then get your scissors in there and cut neatly around the inner circle (not the larger one).

Step 3: Cut Slits In The Hat

Cut some slits of around 4-6 centimeters all around the bottom of the hat, but be careful not to cut through the elastic that holds the hat on your head. Once you’ve gone all the way around the edge, bend these flaps outward so that the hat has a flat base.

Step 4: Fit The Hat To The Plate

Slot the hat into the hole you made on the plate. You might have to cut off a little bit more of your circle, but it should fit pretty well.Pull the elastic through and make sure it’s hanging down under the plate. Next, get your kid to help you tape or glue all the flaps to the underside of the plate, nice and securely. Let the glue dry if you use glue.

Step 5: Touch Up And Decorate

You might need to touch up the paintwork where you’ve been cutting, but otherwise, your hat is ready to decorate!You can use anything to decorate your hat, but here are some cool ideas your kids will love.Rubber spiders are a great option. You could even have one hanging down from the front of the paper plate brim on a little black thread. Alternatively, get some fake spider web and wind it around at the top of the hat, and set little spiders in it. The web will help them stand out against the black hat.You could also buy some Halloween-themed stickers, such as little ghosts or pumpkins. This is great for little kids who want to decorate their hats.You could use some bright yarn to create a web between the hat’s peak and its brim by punching a couple of holes and weaving the thread through. Add a spider to the center and you’ve got a great spidery look.You may have your own ideas on how to decorate based on what you’ve got to hand ““ that’s great! Go crazy and make your hat look amazing.If you used cardboard to make your hat cone, don’t forget to add a little piece of elastic so that it will stay on your child’s head, otherwise, the top-heavy hat will just keep falling off.

Paper Plate Wreath

Paper Plate WreathSource: https://www.iheartartsncrafts.com/halloween-paper-plate-wreath-kids-crafts/Wreaths are a great way to decorate your doors on any holiday, and Halloween wreaths can be easily made with paper plates. This is a fantastic craft for younger kids, and you can have as much fun as you like decorating and perfecting your wreath. Get a whole collection going for every door in the house!


For this craft, you’re going to require:

  • 1 paper plate (per wreath, so more if you want to up the decoration ante)
  • Orange, green, and black tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Hanging ribbon
  • Glue
  • Decorative items
  • Red, black and blue pens
  • Hole punch
  • Thin thread

Step 1: Cut Out The Center Of The Paper Plate

Grab your scissors and cut out the middle of the paper plate so you can make the wreath using the outside. This doesn’t really need to be too neat, as you are going to hide most of it behind tissue paper anyway. Keep the center of the plate for later use.While you are cutting, get your child to tear up some squares of tissue paper in the three different colors.

Step 2: Scrunch Up The Tissue And Add It To The Plate

Next is something your child will really enjoy ““ scrunching the tissue. You can do this as much as you like, creating tight little balls or loose, trailing strands, or a mixture. It’s totally up to you and your kid, depending on the look you’d like to achieve.Once your tissue is scrunched, grab your glue and spread a ring around the plate wreath. You should also add a little pool of glue to a dish so that you and your child can dip the tissue paper in the glue and then stick it to the wreath.You can just add a thicker ring of glue to the wreath if you’d rather not be dipping in glue (as this can get messy), but make sure that the tissue is properly stuck.

Step 3: Decorate And Tie A Ribbon On

Add rubber spiders, fake cobwebs, stickers, or anything else you like to decorate the wreath ““ or leave it plain if you like the tissue look.Either punch a hole in the top of your wreath or just tie the ribbon through the center of your paper plate so that you can hang it up on the door. Choose a ribbon in nice Halloween colors, or one that is thin and won’t detract from your design. You can tuck it under the tissue paper to hide it if necessary.

Step 4: Eyeball Center

Grab the center of the paper plate that you cut out earlier, and draw a circle on it. Cut this out; you’re going to help your child turn it into a spooky eyeball for the center of the wreath.Draw an iris using your blue pen, and a pupil using the black, leaving a little white circle to make the eye look shiny. Next, let your child color in the iris, and then add bloodshot veins running from the edge of the iris to the edge of the circle. You may want to decorate both sides if your child has the patience.Punch a hole at the top of the eyeball and thread it onto some thin cotton. Now, make a small hole at the top of your wreath’s inner circle and tie the cotton through it, attaching the eyeball in the middle.This eyeball can stare at all your guests as they enter the house, giving them a great Halloween-y scare!

Paper Plate Ghost


Do you love Halloween and letting the kids help decorate? If so, these paper cup ghosts are the perfect activity to do with the little ones, because they are simple, fun, and don’t need a huge amount of complicated materials.

You just need to buy some plain white paper cups, some white tissue, and a marker pen, and you’re all set to create some spooky ghosts with your child. Most of these items are very readily available at local stores, and should keep your child quiet for hours while they create the ghosts.

Once completed, the ghostly cups can be hung overhead to distress all your guests with their waving tendrils and spooky faces. You can make a whole host of ghost cups with your child, so that there is a fleet waiting to attack unsuspecting visitors.

You can even hang these up in a tree to startle people who walk by. Your child might like to paint scary faces on some, and friendly or happy faces on others to create some variety and make each ghost unique.

Cleanup after this activity should be relatively simple, and it mostly utilizes paper, so it’s an inexpensive craft to do. It is also suitable for a range of ages, which is great if you have more than one child, or you want to do this in a classroom setting.

Paper Plate Spider Treat Bag

Source:https://jennwa.blogspot.com/2008/10/paper-plate-spider-candy-holder.htmlFor those people who go trick-or-treating to just a few houses, this small, leggy paper plate spider treat bag is perfect for them. To make one such bag, you will be needing:

  1. Paper plates (one per bag)
  2. Black construction paper
  3. Googly eyes
  4. Black paint and a paintbrush
  5. Glue
  6. Scissors
  7. Pipestem cleaner

Here’s how to construct the treat bag:

  1. Cut the paper plate in half and paint the backside (and the front side, too, if you’d like) black.
  2. On the construction paper, draw eight spider legs, and cut them out. Glue them to one half of the cut paper plate, four on each side.
  3. Glue the two halves together to form a pocket.
  4. Glue on your googly eyes and the pipe stem cleaner to make the handle. And voila! Your paper plate spider treat bag is all set for trick-or-treating.

Paper Plate Spiders

Source:https://iheartcraftythings.com/paper-plate-spiders.htmlThere can never be too many fake spiders hanging around on Halloween, and this DIY allows you to make spiders in a multitude of colors. For this craft, the supplies needed are:

  1. Paper plates (one per spider)
  2. Acrylic paints and paintbrushes
  3. Tinsel stems in various colors
  4. Googly eyes
  5. Stapler
  6. Scissors

To create the spider:

  1. Paint the underside of your paper plate in any color and let it completely dry.
  2. Next, cut four tinsel stems of the same color as your painted paper plate in half. These are your spider legs. Staple them onto the painted paper plate.
  3. Bend the tinsel stems to make them look more like spider legs.
  4. Glue on the googly eyes – you can use googly eyes of various sizes for a more fun look.
  5. Finally, punch a hole at the top of the spider and thread a string through it. Your funky, colorful spiders are now ready to dangle.

Handprint Spiders in Webs


Do you love using your child’s handprints to create beautiful crafts? These are a wonderful way to decorate your home and make precious memories with your little one at the same time ““ and they are absolutely perfect for Halloween.

The great thing about this craft is that you can use any colors you like, so no matter how Halloween-y or bright you want to be, it’s easy. You only need a few materials, including paper plates, acrylic paint, some googly eyes, a plastic yarn needle, some card stock, and a craft punch.

That means they are pretty inexpensive to make, and you probably already have a lot of these supplies lying around your home ““ so no trips out to the store to pick up extra bits at the last minute. When you’re rushing around preparing for Halloween, that’s a major bonus.

Your child can make as many of these plates as they like, and they will look fantastic twirling and spinning on your ceiling or in a doorway. They might even snag the hair of a few unsuspecting guests.

You can get them out year after year, so they are a wonderful way to decorate, and there’s no question that your child will love contributing to the spooky vibe around the house.
Just make sure you don’t have any arachnophobes visiting you this year!

Paper Plate Vampire

Source:https://www.craftymorning.com/paper-plate-vampire-craft-kids/One of Halloween’s most popular characters, here’s what you need to make your very own vampire friend:

  1. Paper plate
  2. Paints and paintbrushes
  3. Red, black and white construction paper
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue

On to the construction:

  1. First, make the outline of the vampire’s hair on the backside of your paper plate with black paint and fill it in.
  2. Next, paint the rest of the plate with a tan or peach color.
  3. Using your scissors, cut out the eyes, nose, eyebrows, mouth, and fangs from the construction paper. Glue them all on.
  4. Alternatively, you can just paint everything on instead. Feel free to use googly eyes instead as well.
  5. Once everything is dry, cut out the ears, collar, and bowtie. Glue them on to wrap up this project.

Paper Plate Witch Hat

Source:https://craftulate.com/paper-plate-witches-hat/This paper plate witch hat goes perfectly with a witch costume and broom. To make this, you’ll be needing:

  1. Paper plate (one per hat)
  2. White cardstock
  3. Scissors
  4. Tape
  5. Glue
  6. Elastic thread
  7. Paints and paintbrushes
  8. Craft felt paper, pens, stickers, glitter pens, or anything else to decorate the hat

Now, to make the hat:

  1. Roll the cardstock into a cone shape.
  2. In the center of the paper plate, draw a circle with the same diameter as that of the cardstock cone. Cut triangular slits into the hole.
  3. Place the cone on top of the hole, and tape up the flaps inside the cone. Your hat is now ready to be painted.
  4. Paint the entire hat black, and let it dry.
  5. Once all the paint has dried off, start decorating! You can use markers, stickers, felt paper, glitter pens – anything, really.
  6. In the end, attach elastic to it, and with that, your paper plate witch hat is complete.

Paper Plate Black Cat

Source:https://www.theresourcefulmama.com/paper-plate-black-cat-kid-craft/Everyone loves cats, and Halloween isn’t Halloween without the customary black cat décor. To make your own cute feline, you’ll be needing:

  1. 2 paper plates – one large, one small
  2. Black construction paper
  3. Googly eyes
  4. Black paint
  5. Black pipe cleaners
  6. Glue
  7. Pink craft felt paper
  8. Scissors

To make the cat:

  1. Paint both paper plates black and let them dry.
  2. With your scissors, cut out cat ears and a tail from the black construction paper. Make the nose using the pink craft felt paper.
  3. Once the paper plates are dry, glue the smaller one on top of the larger one.
  4. After that, glue on the googly eyes, ears, nose, and tail. Use black pipe cleaners for the whiskers. And with that, your paper plate black cat is ready for decoration.

Paper Plate Frankenstein

Source:https://www.gluedtomycraftsblog.com/2015/09/paper-plate-frankenstein-kid-craft-2.htmlChannel your inner mad scientist and create your very own green monster, for which you’ll be needing:

  1. 1 large paper plate
  2. Black construction paper
  3. Green tissue paper
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue

To put together the Frankenstein:

  1. Cut the paper plate in half. You can make two Frankenstein’s from one plate.
  2. Cut the green tissue paper into small squares, and glue them onto the paper plate. Ensure that the plate is completely covered with tissue paper.
  3. From the black construction paper, cut out the eyes, hair, mouth, and metal bolts.
  4. Finally, glue them all on in their designated spots to finish this craft.

Paper Plate Bats

Source:https://www.craftsonsea.co.uk/paper-plate-bats/Bats have been associated with Halloween since forever, so of course, we have to feature a paper plate bat craft as well. The supplies needed for this craft are:

  1. Paper plates (two per bat)
  2. Black paint
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors
  5. White construction paper
  6. Googly eyes
  7. Tape

Here’s how to make these little mammals:

  1. Paint both paper plates black, and leave them to dry.
  2. Once they have been dried, gently fold one in half for a crease. This crease is your guideline to cutting out the wings.
  3. Following the crease, cut out the wings in a curved W shape, and tape them to the back of the other painted paper plate.
  4. Cut out the fangs from the white construction paper.
  5. To wrap things up, glue on the googly eyes and fangs.

DIY Halloween Wreath

Source: By Mary Catherine @ Fun-A-Day, “Halloween Craft for Kids ““ Cupcake Liner Wreath” (https://fun-a-day.com/halloween-craft-for-kids-wreath/)This DIY Halloween wreath is created using one paper plate and a few craft supplies you may have lying around your house and in your stash of craft supplies. This craft may be a little more complex for younger children, so you may need to help them through the step-by-step instructions.

What You Need:

  • Paper plates – you will need one per wreath
  • Cupcake liners – you can use plain Halloween colors, striped, or polka-dotted liners. For a really festive, colorful wreath you can use these Halloween-themed cupcake liners.
  • Orange paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue
  • Black permanent marker

What You Do:

  1. To create a “wreath” shape, cut out the middle of the paper plate. You’ll want to leave the wrinkled edge and about 1-inch in from the wrinkled edge remaining (this is your wreath). I suggested cutting the plate for your child and then letting them do the remaining steps on their own or with guidance.
  2. Use the paintbrush and orange paint to paint the wreath orange. You may want to lay out a large piece of construction paper, an old sheet/towel, etc. for your child to paint over. This will make for easy cleanup and prevent paint from ending up on your furniture. Eek!
  3. Lay the wreath out to dry. Drying times will vary.
  4. While you are waiting for the wreath to dry, have your child draw on the cupcake liners with the black permanent markers. If you are using the Halloween-themed cupcake liners it may be hard to see any drawing or lettering.
  5. If you are using a plain, striped, or polka-dotted cupcake liner, then try drawing a jack-o-lantern or spelling out “Boo.” If you choose to use regular markers they may smear on the cupcake liners – this is why permanent markers are encouraged.
  6. Once the wreath is dry, glue your cupcake liners around your wreath however your child wants. This may just be one cupcake liner or they may want to fill up the entire wreath.
  7. If there is space remaining on your wreath, you can write spirited or spooky messages on your wreath with the black permanent marker, such as “Happy Halloween” or “Trick-or-Treat.”


  • You can also make this craft with styrofoam rings that are used to make traditional wreaths. Just swap out the paper plate in the “What You Do” section with the styrofoam ring.
  • If your child wants to make multiple wreaths and get more creative, you can also paint some of your wreaths purple or black.
  • Let your child hang their DIY wreath on their door, on a playroom door, or on the fridge.

DIY Paper Plate Spiders

Source: Inspired by Caroline @ IHeartCraftyThings, “Paper Plate Spiders” (https://iheartcraftythings.com/paper-plate-spiders.html)Here is another simple Halloween craft using paper plates and common household/ craft materials. This craft is easy for any young child to do. Although you may use caution when using the stapler. See the notes section if you are uncomfortable with your child using a stapler.

What You Need:

  • Paper plates – 2 plates per spider. Dessert plates work best for this project (more proportional with the “spider legs”), but you can most definitely still use regular dinner-sized plates.
  • Paint – any color (purple, orange, black, green, etc.)
  • Googly eyes – any size, it is fun to use a variety if you have them
  • Craft pipe cleaners – use any color, here are some fun sparkly pipe cleaners
  • Paintbrush
  • Stapler
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • String or twine

What You Do:

  1. Use the paintbrush and whatever color paint you chose to paint the underneath side of your paper plates. Lay the paper plates out to dry. Drying times will vary.
  2. After your paper plates have dried, cut 4 pipe cleaners in half. This will make 8 “spider legs” that you will attach to the paper plates.
  3. Use the stapler to staple the paper plates together (painted sides facing out) in two spots. Staple once at the top and once on the bottom. It is important to leave space in between the paper plates where you will staple your spider legs.
  4. Insert each pipe cleaner “spider leg” about an inch in between your two paper plates and attach it by using your stapler. Staple 4 spider legs on each side of the paper plate.
  5. Bend your pipe cleaners to make them appear like spider legs.
  6. Glue the googly eyes onto the front of your spider. Glue on 8 googly eyes to have a true spider.
  7. Punch a hole at the top of your spider and tie a string through the hole. This will allow you to hang your spider.


  • If you do not feel comfortable using a stapler with your child, you can use tape to secure the plates together and the spider legs in between the plates.
  • For smaller kids, it may also be easier to use the self-adhesive googly eyes. This will eliminate your need for glue and make for an easier clean-up.
  • A fun way to decorate with your DIY paper plate spiders is to hang them on a window sill at varying lengths.

DIY Paper Plate Pumpkin

Source: By Mariah @ The Simple Parent, “Easiest Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft!” (https://thesimpleparent.com/easiest-paper-plate-pumpkin-craft/)This DIY Paper Plate Pumpkin is the easiest craft out of the three we will walk you through – no cutting or gluing required. This may be the best option if you are looking to engage your child with an independent craft or if your child is a toddler.

What You Need:

  • Paper plate
  • Orange and black markers, crayons, or colored pencils
  • Hole punch
  • Green pipe cleaners

What You Do:

  1. Use your orange marker, crayon, or colored pencil to color the whole paper plate orange. This creates the body of your pumpkin.
  2. Use the hole punch to punch a hole at the top of your pumpkin. This is where you will attach your “vine” made out of your pipe cleaner.
  3. Thread your green pipe cleaner through the hole you made with the hole punch at the top of the pumpkin. Twist the pipe cleaner around itself to keep it attached to the paper plate.
  4. Use your marker, crayon, or colored pencil to spiralize the end of your green pipe cleaner. Simply twist the end of the green pipe cleaner around your marker, crayon, or colored pencil. Carefully pull the marker, crayon, or colored pencil out of the center of the pipe cleaner. Viola, you have a cute curly vine to your pumpkin!
  5. Draw a jack-o-lantern on your pumpkin or allow your child to freely color and decorate their pumpkin with black markers, crayons, or colored pencils however they desire.


  • You may elevate your DIY Paper Plate Pumpkins by adding sequins or stickers.
  • You can also use the same materials to create apples, which are also fun to use to decorate for Fall/ Halloween. Substitute out your orange marker, crayon, colored pencil for a red one. Use a brown pipe cleaner for the stem rather than a green one.
  • You can cut out different “face” options for your child to create their own jack-o-lantern. Use black construction paper to cut out different jack-o-lantern eyes, noses, and mouths. Let your child mix and match your face elements and glue them onto the paper plate.
  • You can hang these DIY Paper Plate Pumpkins or Apples on your fridge or if you have a designated spot in your house for your child’s crafts.


Halloween is that time of the year when everyone is abuzz with excitement and the air is filled with happiness and mirth. The fabulous, over-the-top decorations are an integral part of what makes Halloween so enjoyable, and being able to craft your own decorations makes everything even better.Today we covered a plethora of Halloween crafts you can make using paper plates, ranging from fuzzy spiders to wicked monsters to colorful candy corn buntings. All of these crafts are uncomplicated and can also be altered to create something different.For example, you can use standard white tissue paper instead of the green one in the Frankenstein craft, and change up the features a bit, to make a spooky mummy instead.And of course, you can get tons and tons of more brilliant ideas online on Pinterest and YouTube. The best part is that these crafts are so simple that kids can make them too. Bust out your art supplies and engage them in some creative crafting so they can help you decorate the house this Halloween.We hope you found these crafts fun, creative and helpful. Now, go and have a blast trying these out!



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