Gelli Plate Printing: 10 Awesome Ideas

Painting on a gelli plate and more ideas



5 thoughts on “Gelli Plate Printing: 10 Awesome Ideas”

  1. I recently made myself a gelli plate and love, love it. It has allowed me to add another dimension to my stash of journal paper. I look forward to experimenting with this little gem very soon.

  2. I have owned a 5 x 5 Gelli plate for about 13 days now – OH WHAT FUN!!!!! I am not a trained artist but have worked with textile arts, fusibles, etc., and made cards for a number of years. Now in retirement, I am teaching myself art in as many forms as seem to work for me. I have pulled off so many prints, and made so many texture plates (some of which work, some don’t) that I am now making a for-real art journal (as opposed to the pretend art journals which are just a record of my art learning etc.) expressing my joy and fulfilment with this new art form. Next on the list of texture plates is cut and stacked iron-on thick interfacing, and texture past through stencils.

  3. Wow! I love this cute, beautiful cool fun! (I didn’t use the emoji rating system because I thought it undervalued the reactions, and my +1 cancelled out some idgits previous -1. Really??!)

    Tempted to buy a gelli, but also intrigued to experiment and see if I can do a plant-based version subbing agar for the gelatin.

    Thank you for posting this, and all your other inspiring creativity pages!


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