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DIY Hanging Bird Treats

DIY cute birdseed feeders
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DIY  cute birdseed feeders

I’ve given up on my yard. We’re moving at some point in the next year (it’s been pushed back for a bit), and I could really care less about keeping up the appearance of this rental house. It’s ugly as sin anyway, and I’d rather spend my energy on other things for now:

-Practicing my “mischievous grin” in the mirror
– Seeing how wide my ass can grow from sitting on a stool all day at the computer
– Light saber duels to the death with Beckett
– Looking at this

dog tongue

But! But! But! I still like to spend time outdoors in nice weather (there’s more room to light saber), so in order to distract me from the 6-foot weeds, I decided to focus on luring small woodland creatures into our yard.

Well, burds at least. I mean birds.

When I was a wee lass, we slathered peanut butter on a pinecone and rolled it in burdseed. That was fine and all, but who has pinecones lying around? I don’t, but I do happen to have ends of loaves of bread collecting in my cabinet.

Beckett and I took turns with the really annoying cookie cutter with the squashed handle, and cut out these cool shapes that I’m sure will lure all manner of exotic bird to our yard.


We poked holes in them with a straw, oh yes we did. This was actually my favorite part.

DIY  cute birdseed feeders

DIY  cute birdseed feeders

Then I popped those bad boys right in the old oven on 350 for about 10 minutes, or until they were toasty.

DIY  cute birdseed feeders

After they were cool, we peanut-buttered them all up and covered them in burdfud, tied a pretty little piece of twine through them, and decorated our trees. Oh, look! Pinecones out in nature!

Oh well, the bread was fun to cut.

DIY  cute birdseed feeders
DIY  cute birdseed feeders

DIY  cute birdseed feeders

I remembered back 160 years ago when I made these as a kid, and evil squirrels would always get them before the birds did, so I was sneaky and hung them on bouncy branches of the tree, far from anywhere sturdy.

The only problem was, my idea of sturdy is decidedly not the same as a hungry squirrel’s idea, so old fat-tail nibble-face got our birdfeeders anyway. How? How do you keep those overgrown rats from eating these? My next trick will be to make the string longer. I’ll keep you posted. Aren’t these cute, though?


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