Divided Plates for Kids

Published: March 28, 2013

When I first thought of doing a post on divided plates, I wasn’t sure I would find much, but woah, Nelly! There are soooo many. And they’re wonderful. I could have added lots more, but this would have been the longest post in the whole world, so here are a curated few.

My kids LOVE to eat out of divided plates and trays and they always remind me of school lunches. I suppose that shouldn’t really be a fond memory, but there it is.

Monkey divided plate

Skip Hop monkey divided plate on Amazon. Check out the bee, too. Actually, they’re all good.


Elephant Divided Dish

Divided elephant snack plate – with lid- from Giggle.


wooden divided plates

Wooden divided plates by Fun Fam Japan on All Modern. I am dying these are so beautiful.


Giraffe divided plate

Giraffe divided tray by Hana Blomst on Smallable.


stainless steel tray

Stainless steel divided tray on Amazon.


Gruffalo divided plate

Gruffalo divided plate from Alex and Alexa. “I’m having a feast with a gruffalo!”



Skip Hop divided plate

Skip Hop divided plate. The pieces come apart for easy cleaning, and the base is non-skid. Don’t you just want to play with the fork and spoon?


Crocodile Creek divided plate

Crocodile Creek divided plate from Alex and Alexa. Such retro cuteness.


Innobaby Stainless Bus Divided Platter

Innobaby Stainless Bus Divided Platter. This is just plain adorable, isn’t it?


construction plate

Construction plate from Uncommon Goods. Go ahead, make all the truck sounds while they’re eating.

I may just throw out all of my dishes and go with divided plates and trays. Your different foods need never touch each other again!

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9 thoughts on “Divided Plates for Kids”

  1. Ha! Love the pea pusher 🙂

    I’ve recently given my one-year-old a divided plate and it’s brilliant – instead of scooping her food out onto the table, she now is engrossed with moving the food from compartment to compartment: everything stays on the plate. Now if she’d just put more of it in her mouth…

  2. OMG. The construction one is the best. I love having a place to park utensils.

    I used to have basic melamine divided plates for my kids when they were small, just like in the cafeteria at school. They were used for every meal for years. Then in a fit of internet article induced melamine-phobia, I threw them out.

    We all miss them.

  3. Wow, they do get intricate, don’t they? I never really thought about divided plates before – but wow! Couture plates! Love it!

    I would love to have one of these plates for Gray – you know, because he keeps all his food on his plate. Yeah right! But, they are too cute!

  4. My kinds eat so much better when I serve their food on their divided plates. I really like the wood one and the illustrated ones!


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