Cool Colored Paper Collage Sculptures

What? A collage AND sculpture project rolled into one? How cool is this action? Especially if you love colored card stock as much as we do.

Colored paper sculpture 3d collages

The main thing to remember with this project is: COLOR! There are so many amazing, luscious colors of cardstock, and I love how much more vibrant they are than regular old colored paper. This is what is fun about colors – combining them to see what they look like together.

Okay, ready? Here goes.

Materials for Colored Cardstock Collage Sculptures

  • Colored cardstock I use this and this.
  • Scissors (regular scissors are perfectly fine, but we also love small crafting scissors)
  • Glue (love my UHU glue sticks)
  • Cardboard or some other sturdy base if you don’t want to use the cardstock

Colored paper pieces

Practice rolling, folding, cutting, bending, and twisting the paper to make different shapes and protrusions that you can stick to the base.

Kids can approach this as making cool sculptures, or as making wild, colorful, mystery worlds.

Start by picking out a ton of colors of the card stock that you like, and cut various shapes out of them. Bend and shape them in various cool ways. We cut a big pile of these so we had lots to choose from in the next part.

Now you’re free to pick and choose from amongst your cardstock shapes. Glue them onto the base in different lovely configurations. Become one with your paper sculpture. Tip: bend the edges to give you small flat flanges to glue to the base paper.

Now add smaller cut out cardstock pieces onto the first pieces. This is the collage part. You are adding onto your colorful paper world and really making it unique here.

Something I realized when I was making these is that they would make fabulous, over-the-top cards!

Colored paper 3d Collage

Colored paper 3d Collage



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