Amazing Batman Crafts to Have Fun with Kids

Published: October 20, 2021

If you’ve got a Batman fan in your household, there are so many Batman crafts you can get into ““ some just for the fun of crafting, and some for the creation of amazing and practical bedroom decorations that will make your little Batman fan thrilled with their bedroom.

Batman Flashlight

Batman FlashlightIf your child has a flashlight or loves the idea of creating a special one, this is the perfect craft for you to do together. Note that you’ll need the flashlight to be bright in order for this to work well, and you should use one with an LED bulb so it won’t get hot.


You’re going to need:

  • Black flashlight
  • Black card
  • Yellow tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Yellow card (optional)

Step 1: Cut Out The Bat

First, you are going to help your child draw a bat on the black card. Its wingspan should be about the same width as the flashlight’s end so that it goes from one side to the other. A little shorter is fine, but you don’t want it to be longer.

Step 2: Tape The Tissue On

Cut out a circle of yellow tissue paper, and get your child to help you stick this over the end of the flashlight. Try to get it neat and even so you don’t end up with any creases that will affect the flashlight’s beam.Using tape makes this easy to remove if you want to turn it back into a normal flashlight later.

Step 3: Add The Bat

Glue the bat to the tissue cover using a few dots of glue. Press down gently so you don’t tear the tissue, and leave it to dry.Now, when you turn the flashlight on, you should get a yellow circle of light with a black bat shadow in the center ““ perfect for signaling that Gotham is under threat! Your child will love this part of their crime-fighting toolkit.

Step 4: Decorate The Flashlight (Optional)

If your child wants to decorate the flashlight further, you can cut an oval of a yellow card, with a bat to match (the same width) out of the black card. Glue this to the handle of the flashlight. Try not to put it where your child’s hand will grip the flashlight, or it may come off after some use.

Batman Penny Jar

Source: your child is starting to take an interest in money, this can make a great addition to their bedroom and can help them understand about saving and spending. Even if your child isn’t yet old enough to handle money, they can have fun with a Bat-Jar to post buttons and tokens in.


You’re going to need:

  • 1 jar (preferably with a coin-slot lid)
  • Black spray paint
  • Yellow paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun

Step 1: Spray Paint The Jar

Begin by spray painting the jar and its lid a solid black all over. You should do this in a well-ventilated space, preferably outside, and away from your children so they don’t accidentally inhale the fumes. Leave the jar to dry.

Step 2: Cut Out A Bat

Take your yellow paper and cut out a bat silhouette. You can also print a silhouette from the internet if you don’t like drawing.You might want to make a bat for either side of the jar, or just one for the front ““ it’s up to you. When you’ve finished cutting the bats out, glue them to the jar. The bold yellow should look great against the black.

Step 3: Screw The Lid On

Screw the lid onto the jar and stand it on your child’s desk, ready to accept coins into its slot! If you are unable to get a coin-slot lid for your jar, you can instead make a circle of stiff black cards, cut a slot into it, and stick one side to the jar with tape. This will create a hinged lid that can be folded back to let your child tip the coins out. It will usually sit in place and allow them to use its slot.

Toilet Tube Batman

Toilet Tube BatmanSource: tube crafts are great fun, and very easy for kids to do with minimal adult input. This Batman craft will look cool standing on a desk, or you could even hang him up, leaping between city buildings with his cape whipping in the wind.


You’re going to need:

  • 1 empty toilet tube
  • Colored pens
  • Black felt
  • Black paper
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Clear fishing line (optional)

Step 1: Draw The Template

Before your child gets started on this craft, you may want to draw some outlines for them to follow so they can color Batman effectively. An older child may be able to do this step for themselves; younger ones will need help.First, draw a line approximately 1/3 into the tube. This will be Batman’s head. You can draw some lines for his mask, or let your child fill that in when they come to color.Next, draw a band about halfway down the remaining part of the tube. This should be about a centimeter wide and will be Batman’s yellow belt.

Step 2: Color Batman

Set your child coloring in Batman while you make the other parts of this craft; they can add as much detail as they like, giving Batman a proper face and a complicated belt, or keep things simple.It’s up to them what color they do Batman’s body, but if they choose blue, the cape and mask and bat details will stand out better, whereas an all-black Batman may look a little flat and plain.

Step 3: Cut Out The Bat And Ears

Cut a small bat outline out of a black card, and give this to your child to glue to Batman’s chest. Next, cut out two small triangles for Batman’s ears, and these can be glued to his head at the top of the toilet tube.

Step 4: Cut Out The Cape

Batman isn’t Batman without a sweeping black cape. Cut a rectangle of felt (or similar fabric), a little shorter than the toilet tube. When your child has finished coloring and detailing the tube, glue this cape around the back edge, starting at the line of Batman’s face. This should give it a great, finished look.

Step 5: Hang Up (Optional)

If you want Batman swooping above Gotham with his grappling hooks, add a dot of glue to the back of the toilet tube, just above the cape, and glue a length of clear fishing line to it. Tie a loop in the other end, and suspend Batman in the air.

Batman Cape

Batman CapeSource: child might be more interested in becoming Batman themselves than in creating Batman crafts for their room ““ and if so, a Batman cape is an easy craft to create, and will undoubtedly see plenty of use, especially on fancy dress days.


You’re going to need:

  • 1 large piece of black fabric (from your child’s shoulders to just above their ankles)
  • 1 small piece of yellow fabric
  • Yellow thread
  • Black thread
  • Needle
  • Fabric scissors
  • Velcro or a press stud
  • A piece of chalk
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine (optional)

Step 1: Shape The Neck

The neck is the trickiest part of a cape to get right; it wants to fit your child comfortably. To get an even neckline, you are going to fold your piece of fabric in half, pin it, and cut a “C” shape about two or three inches down from the top. The further down, the wider the fabric on the shoulders will be.Unfold the fabric and test it around your child’s neck. It is better to cut the “C” too small to start with; you can then enlarge it. It doesn’t need to be a very snug fit, but cut a little at a time and work on it until you have created a shape that you are happy with.

Step 2: Draw The Cape

The cape should finish a little above your child’s ankles, and it can be as wide as you like. A good rule of thumb is that ignoring the neck and shoulders, the cape will be roughly square ““ so the same width and length.Start by again folding the cape in half, as this will keep both sides even. Pin it so it won’t shift while you draw or cut. Use the chalk to draw a curve from above the neck hole you have cut, and then gradually slope outwards so that the bottom of the cape will end up wider than the top.Rub out any bits of the line you are unhappy with, and hold the folded cape up to your child to check its length before you start cutting.

Step 3: Cut The Cape

As before, you can trim more later if you need to; don’t cut too much off, to begin with, or you may end up having to start from scratch. It is best to cut wider than you expect the cape to be and then trim a little more off.Cut in a straight line, smoothing off any angles, and your cape should be looking good! Measure it on your child again to check its fit.

Step 4: Cut The Logo

Next, take your yellow fabric and draw a bat outline on it, nice and large so that it will show up well on the cape. You want the symbol around the upper middle of your child’s back, so if necessary, get them to put the cape on and mark an approximate position using the chalk before you start.Cut your logo out, and spread the cape out flat so you can get the positioning right. Pin the symbol into place, and then stitch it on using yellow thread.

Step 5: Hem The Cape

The cape will need hemming, and if you have a sewing machine, now is the time you’ll want to use it, as this will take a while to do by hand.However, it’s perfectly possible to do it by hand if you don’t have a machine; choose a quiet evening and put a good film on to watch while you sew. The edge does not need to be super neat, so don’t worry if your sewing skills aren’t perfect.

Step 6: Add The Fastener

Finally, your child’s Batman cape needs a fastener. You have a lot of options here. Velcro is an easy one, and you can simply sew a piece to either side of the cape’s “shoulders” and stick them together. However, if you don’t have Velcro, there are other choices.A press stud will also work, though it’s slightly trickier for small fingers to fasten independently. A button can serve if you sew a loop for it to fasten through. Alternatively, you can sew the two sides together using a small strip of black elastic; this will ensure the cape never comes undone and will let your child simply stretch it to pull it on and off. Any of these options will do to finish the cape.You’re now all done, so step back and admire your mini Batman and your hard work!

Batman Shadow Puppets

Batman Shadow PuppetsSource: you want a fun craft to include in a light show or puppet theater, these Batman puppets are pretty easy for you to make with your child. You don’t need a lot of materials or a lot of time, so you can make a whole bunch, or add other superheroes in there ““ but Batman works best.


You will require:

  • Black card
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Wooden skewers or toothpicks
  • Glue gun
  • A light source

Step 1: Cut Out Silhouettes

On your black card, you’re going to help your child draw some bat silhouettes. Use the Batman symbol for inspiration and keep these very simple outlines.You can also draw a Batman head (essentially a square with rounded edges and pointed ears) with bat wings and two rectangle legs to create a simple flying Batman. These should be fairly easy for you and your child to create ““ they don’t need to be perfect!When you’re happy with your shapes, cut them out. Try to get crisp cuts as clean edges are what will make this craft look great.

Step 2: Glue Onto Skewers

Glue one shape to each skewer. You may want to cut the skewers down a bit, but they want to be long enough for your child to easily grip, without their hand getting in the way of the shadow the puppet casts.

Step 3: Turn On The Light

Turn your light source on and admire how the puppets cast shadows on any blank wall. Your child can have great fun making up adventures with Batman, and you can use other props (such as cereal boxes or almost any solid object) to create tower blocks and alleyways for Shadow Batman to explore.When not in use, stand the puppets in a pencil pot so that they don’t get bent; this will make them last longer, and they’ll also serve as a decoration in their own right.

Cork Batman

Cork BatmanSource: anyone who has some corks in the craft box, this is a great project to do with the kids on a rainy afternoon ““ and it’s nice and easy. It would also make a cool activity at a Batman-themed party, and you could do other superheroes too.Ideally, you want corks that are shaped like mushrooms and have rounded tops. However, if you don’t have those, you can use normal corks and replace the top with a black pom-pom for Batman’s head.


You will require:

  • Corks
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Yellow acrylic paint
  • Skin-tone acrylic paint
  • 1 black pipe cleaner
  • Fine black marker
  • Black felt
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun

Step 1: Paint The Cork

Unsurprisingly, this craft starts by painting most of the cork black. Before you start, you may want to draw an oval for Batman’s face so that your child doesn’t paint over this part (as the skin-tone paint won’t easily cover the black).To get his face right, you want to draw an oval, dip it down in the center where Batman’s mask covers his nose. Only the mouth and surrounding face should be visible; these are the parts that will be painted with the skin-tone paint once the black paint has dried.Help your child paint the whole of Batman black, and then set the cork aside to dry.

Step 2: Make The Ears

While the paint dries, help your child to cut two small pieces of pipe cleaner, and put a sharp angle in these to create triangular ears. If you don’t have a pipe cleaner, you can also cut these out of a piece of card.

Step 3: Cut The Cape

Cut a small cape out of the black felt. This will be glued to the cork at the end to finish Batman’s iconic costume.

Step 4: Finish The Painting

Help your child to paint Batman’s face in the oval that you left unpainted before. Next, use the yellow paint to add two oval eye holes above this, in the mask. You might need to add a fairly generous dab to make the yellow cover the black properly.Add another, larger oval to the center of the Batman cork body. This is where your child will draw Batman’s symbol later. Again, be generous with the yellow paint, and then set the cork aside again so that there is no risk of smudging.

Step 5: Add The Ears And Cape

Use the glue gun to stick the ears to the top of Batman’s head, and then add his cape around the cork’s “shoulders” (just below the bulge).

Step 6: Add Final Details

Before drawing directly onto the cork, get your child to practice drawing a small bat with the marker pen on paper. They need to be able to draw a simple bat outline reliably. Get them to practice a few times before they try on the cork.Finally, add two little lines in the yellow eye marks, and Batman is complete! Stand him on a desk to fight crime.

Batman Bookend

Batman BookendSource: your child’s bookcase needs a new guardian, this bookend has it covered. You can either employ your artistic talent for this one or look online to find a suitable picture of Batman with his hand outstretched, as though holding up books. You may find this craft easier to do without your child as it doesn’t have many child-friendly aspects ““ they will just love the end result.


You will require:

  • 1 metal bookend
  • Some black foam
  • Craft knife
  • Glue gun
  • White paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • White pen (or another that will show up on the foam)
  • Cutting board

Step 1: Draw A Template

On your white paper, draw a template of Batman, about the same size as the bookend. You can keep it quite simple, either with him holding the books up with one hand, or looking as though he is attempting to push them over (with both hands braced against the bookend). Alternatively, draw him leaning with his back against the books, or even sitting cross-legged against them. You could make a different design for either end of the bookcase.Once you’re happy, cut the template out.

Step 2: Cut Your Foam

Use the white pen to draw around the template onto the foam, and then cut this out with the craft knife. Smooth off any angular edges.

Step 3: Glue To The Bookend

Glue your foam silhouette to the bookend using your hot glue gun, and then you have a completed craft! Never fear, books; Batman lurks in the shadows, ready to help!


Batman crafts are an amazing way to have fun with your child and get them inspired for crafts. You can craft handmade birthday or Christmas gifts, organize Batman-themed party activities, or just spend a wet afternoon creating a few bits and pieces for their bedroom.

Whatever you choose to do, Batman’s distinctive colors and iconic symbol will make any craft look great!



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