Winter Drawing Ideas

Published: January 13, 2022

Everything about winter is inspiring. Watching the soothing fall of snow as you drink a cup of hot chocolate, feeling the rain on your skin, or hanging ornaments on a Christmas tree. Those all urge you to create art, don’t they?

That’s why we’ve dug up many simple and fun winter drawing ideas for both you and your children. All you have to do is grab your drawing skills and tools and start reading!

Starry Night Sky Art Project

Starry Night Sky Art Project

Something about starry night skies mesmerizes us all, especially if they’re graced by the quiet fall of snow. You can use your artistic skills to reflect this beauty on paper.

First, you’ll need watercolor paint and a brush to complete the background. Then, you can sprinkle some glitter over your drawing for a shiny effect after you finish it.

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Santa Claus

Santa Claus

With Christmas coming close, drawing Santa Claus with your kids seems like a pretty fun endeavor.

All they’ll need is paper, pencils, and a step-by-step tutorial so that they don’t draw it wrong. Of course, you can also give them crayons or any colors to complete the masterpiece.

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Cute Bird Winter Drawing

Cute Bird Winter Drawing

It’s always better to stick to simple arts when it comes to winter art projects for kids. You can give your kid this easy bird drawing to try out.

It works for most young age groups, and as a bonus point, they can paint it after finishing.

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Cute Snow Globe

Cute Snow Globe

Is there anything cuter than a small sphere of glass enclosing a snowy, magical scene that you can look at whenever you miss the winter? Definitely not! That’s why we included this cute snow globe drawing in our winter ideas.

It’s pretty simple to draw, so your kids won’t have difficulty getting it right. You can also give them some markers and crayons to bring their drawing to life.

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The Grinch

The Grinch

The Grinch’s grumpy mood and sarcastic comments are an inherent part of our winter memories. If you want your kids to learn about Dr. Suess’ character and his change of heart, you can let them draw him on a piece of paper as you tell his story.

Then, under your supervision, they’ll use their pencils and follow the tutorial closely. It’ll be a fun project for both you and them.

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Penguin Art Project

Penguin Art Project

If your kids are into crafty things, you can let them create this fun penguin art project. They won’t only draw, but they’ll also paint the body parts and make a collage. Luckily, the project doesn’t require advanced drawing skills, so your kids won’t face a challenge making it.

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Watercolor and Oil Pastel Snowflake Art

Watercolor Snowflake

If your kids have a short attention span and don’t like sitting for a long time on one task, then they’ll love this art project. They’ll use their watercolors and oil pastels to create a beautiful piece of resist art with a large snowflake adorning it.

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Christmas Wreath Drawing

christmas wreath

Holly wreaths are aesthetically beautiful; they serve to remind us of the festive days of Christmas. That’s why they’re the perfect material for winter art projects. Since this idea is pretty easy, you can let your kids join in on the fun and decorate the wreath with drawn berries and lights.

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Christmas Tree Drawings

christmas tree

Nothing says winter like a tall Christmas tree adorned with ornaments and lights. So it’s only fair that you include it in your kids’ winter art projects. Luckily, there are many techniques to draw the tree, and most of them are simple. So your kids won’t challenge their skills too much by drawing them.

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Snowman Drawing

Snowman Drawing

Instead of making a real snowman and risking getting a cold, you can give your kids this easy snowman to draw. It’ll be a heartwarming activity that’ll get them more excited for the winter. Make sure to provide them with coloring supplies so that the result will be colorful and bright.

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Santa’s Sleigh

Santa's Sleigh

We all know how fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh, but what about drawing it? Thanks to its bright colors and joyful vibes, your kids will have tons of fun creating this art project.

Not to mention, it’ll get them excited for Christmas and the presents that come along with it. So give them paper and pencils, and watch them create this piece of art.

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Northern Lights

northern lights

Northern lights are among the most beautiful sights anyone can see in their life. And while drawings will never do this natural phenomena justice, you can still attempt to do it with your kids as a fun activity.

First, you’ll paint the sky together using chalk and decorate it with bright lights later on.

After finishing, you can hang the artwork on a wall in your house to show it off to friends and family.

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Cardinal Bird

cardinal bird

Cardinals are a symbol of hope and beauty during the winter. Their vibrant red feathers contrast nicely against the snow’s white color, and they form a sight worthy of drawing. That’s why drawing a cardinal is among our favorite winter art projects. Luckily, this drawing only requires basic skills, so it’s beginner-friendly.

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Snowflakes From Frozen

Snowflakes From Frozen

Disney reminded us of how beautiful the winter season is with the heartwarming movie, Frozen. The film featured various snowflakes that can be used to inspire art projects for kids.

That said, you’ll need to help your kid learn how to draw this beauty as it’s relatively challenging.

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Christmas Ornament Drawing

christmas ornament drawing

Christmas ornaments have bright colors, and they decorate the winter holidays beautifully. Besides, your kids are probably already familiar with how they look, so they won’t find it difficult to draw one.

They can follow the tutorial and color afterward. Later on, you can encourage them to create a painting with many ornaments instead of just one.

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Winter Bubble Wrap Tree Kids Craft

Winter Bubble Wrap Tree Kids Craft

The only thing more enjoyable than popping a bubble wrap is using it to make a beautiful craft. After getting the tools required for this winter art project, you can call your kids to join in the fun.

Although you’ll deal with some mess throughout the process, it’ll be such a fun and heartwarming family activity.

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Candy Cane Watercolor Painting

Candy Cane Watercolor Painting

Candy canes are a very delicious part of the winter season. Since they have easy shapes that would look beautiful on paintings, you can set up this winter art project with your kids.

First, you’ll draw the outline with a pencil so that you can erase any mistakes. Then, you’ll start using the colors to complete the piece of art.

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Gingerbread Man Drawing

Gingerbread Man Drawing

Gingerbread men aren’t only delicious, but they also symbolize winter and Christmas in such an adorable way.

Since those cookies have easy outlines, you can use them in many art projects for kids. You can even let your kids add their personal touch and decorate the drawn cookie as they like.

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Christmas Stocking Painting

Christmas Stocking Painting

Christmas stockings hold many dear memories with their vivid colors and classic shapes. Nothing can compete with the kids’ happiness after seeing their parents fill them.

You can attempt this winter art project with your kids as it’s relatively easy and requires only minimum effort. As a creative take, you can help your kids decorate the stocking with candy canes and holly leaves stickers.

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Winter Mittens Drawing

Winter Mittens Drawing

Don’t we all reminisce about wearing warm mittens and holding a cup of hot chocolate in our hands? Well, you can feed your passion for winter with this cute drawing that you can attempt with your kid.

You can also decorate and color the mittens in whatever way you like using winter and Christmas symbols.

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Now that you have many ideas for winter art projects, you can spread positive, Christmas-y vibes around your place and create many paintings!



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