What Could Possibly be Better Than Paper Airplanes? Cardboard Airplanes!

Make some cute easy little cardboard airplanes - easy craft for kids

First off, no, they don’t fly all that well, but they keep a 6 year old busy for an afternoon, flying, dive bombing, crashing, swooping the dog, and making fascinating and slightly unnatural noises.

If you happen to have some cardboard lying around, break out your scissors and let’s get to it, dude.

Make some super cute, easy little cardboard airplanes

As you can see, the dimensions and sizes of the cardboard triangles really don’t matter that much. True story: I kind of hate folding paper airplanes, but I had fun making these. Can you tell which one is my first one? Hint: It’s the one that looks more like a dart than a plane. POW! Skillz.

Make some super cute, easy little cardboard airplanes

Get started by cutting 3 triangles from the cardboard, 1 of them small and 2 of them kinda sorta the same size. You can play around with sizes you like.

Cut 2 slits in the small side of one of the larger triangles- see the image above for how we cut them.

Easy craft - make some cardboard airplane toys

Assemble them – wiggle them together a little to fit them together. See how sweet and imperfect they are? And weird? Now that I look at them I want to draw on them.

Make some super cute, easy little cardboard airplanes

Beckett had fun zipping them around and he just happened to have this yellow shirt on that looks fabulous with the blue background.

Make some super cute, easy little cardboard airplanes

Did you know that 5 out of 6 Stormtroopers wish they had a cardboard plane to fly around?


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