51 Mexican Painting Ideas

Published: February 7, 2022

Therefore, we’ve put together several Mexican painting ideas to inspire your next project. So read on to get your creativity fired up!

1. Mexican Tin Art: Inspired By Diego Rivera

Mexican Tin Art

Are you looking for a piece of art that’d be very stimulating to you and your kids? If so, the Mexican tin art project is what you need.

It’s based on a painting called “Flower Vendor” by the renowned Mexican painter Diego Rivera.

This project involves using cardboard paper, aluminum foil, different acrylic paints, a paintbrush, a palette for mixing, and a printed copy of Diego’s Flower Vendor.

First, you’re meant to trace the artwork on the aluminum foil using the cardboard. Then, by painting the outline on the foil, you’ll get a shiny work of art.

Find out the step-by-step process of the Mexican Tin Art: Inspired By Diego Rivera at woojr.com.

2. Diego Rivera Watermelon Art

Watermelon Art

What could be as exciting as eating a watermelon?

It’s drawing a watermelon, of course! This juicy fruit is an everyday treat in Mexico. In this craft, also inspired by Diego Rivera, you’ll enjoy painting the ins and outs of the watermelon fruit.

Painting the intricate details on this fruit offers the opportunity to improve your painting skills. In addition, you can develop the ability to blend several shades of color while maintaining simplicity. Also, this painting idea brings a Mexican experience to your fingertips.

Learn more about Diego Rivera Watermelon Art on thelaughingzebra.com.

3. Mother’s Helper Art

Mother's Helper Art

Here’s another exciting project your kids would love. Using simple painting tools and techniques, you’ll be creating a piece that depicts a little girl helping her mother sell flowers. This project’s simplicity makes it ideal and enjoyable for kids.

In addition, this idea will help your kids master the art of using oil pastel on purple sulfite paper. It’ll also enable them to relate to the rich cultural heritage and farm life of native Mexicans.

Learn the step-by-step process of creating the Mother’s Helper Art on deepspacesparkle.com.

4. Frida Kahlo Inspired Self-Portrait for Kids

Frida Kahlo Inspired Self-Portrait for Kids

This Mexican painting project will help you and your kids make self-portraits following the style of one of the most popular Mexican artists, Frida Kahlo.

You’d agree that creating a portrait of yourself is quite an exciting activity. After all, who’d do it better than you?

In addition, this project shows how to add floral designs and colorful birds to your black and white photo. So you don’t have to draw your image from scratch; you only need to photocopy one of your photos showing only your face.

Learn how to create Frida Kahlo Inspired Self-Portrait for Kids following the step-by-step process on woojr.com.

5. Symmetrical Floral Designs

Symmetrical Floral Designs

Sometimes the simplest painting materials create the greatest pieces! This Mexican folk art will inspire you and your family to create something beautiful.

This idea highlights creating symmetrical floral designs using simple folding and tracing techniques. The art is easy to learn, and your kids will find the bright colors and symmetrical balance intriguing.

Find out how these Symmetrical Floral Designs can be made on deepspacesparkle.com.

6. Sugar Skull

Sugar Skull

This simple painting is inspired by an old Mexican tradition of honoring loved ones who’ve passed. The sugar skull is an interesting art showing a skull with colorful floral designs. It’s also an exciting way to master the mixing of several colors.

In addition, this painting doesn’t require too many materials. So you and your kids can paint some skulls using white watercolor paper, crayon or waterproof marker, watercolor, and a paintbrush.

Learn how to make Sugar Skull paintings at deepspacesparkle.com.

7. Copycat of Diego Rivera’s Peasants

Copycat of Diego Rivera's Peasants

One of the best ways to learn is by imitating models. Your kids can learn to paint like legendary painters by simply imitating their original work. And it doesn’t have to be perfect; what matters is the fun and lessons they learn in the process.

Moreover, learning to paint the peasants goes a long way to show your kids the average Mexican’s culture, struggle, and life. And to do this project, you’ll need paintbrushes, white paper, and simple colors.

Find out more about the Peasants on learncreatelove.com.

8. Emboss Painting “Hojalata” Mexican Tin Art

Emboss Painting

During summer, you and your kids can enjoy some creative playtime with the emboss painting “Hojalata” Mexican tin art. It involves an exciting mix of colors and textures that’ll help fire up your kids’ creativity and can be used to decorate their rooms.

This painting is done on a punched or stamped tin sheet using blunt and easily accessible materials. So, you don’t have to worry about your kids injuring themselves while painting. It’s artistry and fun all day long!

Find out more about the Emboss Painting “Hojalata” Mexican Tin Art at tuggunmommy.com.

9. Fruit Crate Art Project

This Mexican-themed idea involves painting beautiful colors on paper cut into different fruit shapes and placed in a basket. The organic nature of this project will ignite your creativity.

We’d also recommend this idea for your little ones as children will enjoy working with colors and fruits.

This mix positively impacts their overall well-being as it’ll feel like nature on your paper. You can even make it a family activity and fill a basket of colored fruits together!

See how to create the exciting Fruit Crate Art Project on deepspacesparkle.com.

10. Mayan Temple

Mayan Temple

You and your kids can learn how to draw and paint the Mayan temple for the next Cinco de Mayo celebrations! With the help of grid lines on white paper, crafting this temple has never been easier.

This idea entails downloading a white coloring page of the Mayan temple for you to work with. The page is equipped with gridlines to help you paint to perfection. So it’s suitable for your kids.

Find out how to make the Mayan Temple in this guide by artprojectsforkids.org.

11. Sombrero & Poncho Art Project

Sombrero & Poncho Art Project

In this project, you’ll enjoy painting some colorful tunics on paper. This beautiful Mexican art involves using many different colors to produce a piece that’ll keep you beaming with smiles.

In addition, this idea is suitable for your kids. They’ll learn to cut papers into different shapes before painting them with several bright colors. The aftermath of this project is indeed mind-blowing!

You can learn more about the Sombrero & Poncho Art Project on deepspacesparkle.com.

12. Frida Kahlo Coloring Page

Frida Kahlo Coloring Page

This project provides a coloring page where your kids can learn to draw a portrait of the renowned painter Frida Kahlo. With this painting idea, kids can learn more about this Mexican artist while improving their painting skills.

So, this one provides a coloring page of the artist where you can work with black paper and oil pastels to get a rich look.

You’ll need about an hour to finish this interesting project. But, after you’re done, you’ll find that it was worth the time!

Head over to artprojectsforkids.org to download the Frida Kahlo Coloring Page and learn how to use it.

13. Amate Bark Painting

Amate Bark Painting

If you want a fun activity for your kids, the Amate Bark paintings are a top choice! From the production of the bark paper to the painting itself, every aspect of this Mexican folk art is fascinating.

The Amate Bark painting project will teach your kids how to use tan paper, tempera paints, black marker, and their creativity to draw and paint colorful birds and flowers.

In addition, the bright colors involved in this idea will surely fire up your kid’s creativity.

Find out how your kids can do the Amate Bark Painting on deepspacesparkle.com.

14. Day of the Dead Stone Skulls

This is an easy and enjoyable Halloween or Day of the Dead craft for your little kids. It involves painting a skull with floral decorations on a smooth stone.

These crafts are usually used to honor the dead in Mexico.

Also, this painting idea will give you some fun time as you work with brushes, acrylic paints, and rocks in the shape of skulls.

You can even let your kids participate and make it a family tradition. Then, your kids can proudly show their creative work to their friends at the next celebrations!

You’ll find instructions on how to make Day of the Dead Stone Skulls on hodgepodgecraft.com.

15. Field of Tulips Q-Tip Painting

You probably find several painting ideas for kids that promote using household materials instead of brushes. This is one of them. Your kids can explore dot painting by using cotton swabs to dot a Mexican tulip field.

This vibrant and colorful project will give your children maximum fun while creating it. They’ll only need a canvas, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, cotton swab for dotting, paint palettes, and their wild imagination!

Learn more about Field of Tulips Q-Tip Painting at projectswithkids.com.

16. DIY Mexican Painted Planters

DIY Mexican Painted Planters

You may not know anything about pottery or firing in a kiln, but one great painting idea for you and your kids is this Mexican pottery painting.

This project requires easy-to-get materials that you can use to paint colorful flowery patterns during the next Cinco de Mayo weekend.

Find out more about this DIY Mexican Painted Planters at ilovetocreateblog.blogpost.com.

17. Symmetry for Little Kids Art Project

Mexican arts are known for their symmetry. Your kids can explore this concept and create fascinating painting projects!

This intriguing idea offers your kids an excellent opportunity to express themselves using colors.

Firstly, they need to draw a symmetrical object like a butterfly or flower. This is followed by painting one side of the object.

Then, the paper is folded to apply the paint to the other side of the object.

Check kidminds.org to learn all about the Symmetry for Little Kids Art Project.

18. Mexican Yarn Painting

Mexican Yarn Painting

Are you looking for a trendy Mexican painting idea for you and your kids? You can try your hands on yarn painting, and you’d be amazed by the results!

This art project involves creating beautiful patterns using yarn, glue, and various colors of paint. However, this idea may be too demanding for kids, but teens and young adults will find it interesting and engaging.

Learn how to make the Mexican Yarn Painting on auntannie.com.

19. Acrylic Pouring

Acrylic Pouring

This one involves acrylic pouring or the “accidental painting” as described by the Mexican artist David Alfaros who started this technique in the 1930s.

This painting technique mixes several fluid acrylics on canvases, creating an abstract final piece. You’ll start by selecting the colors you’ll use and then making them fluid.

The final result would be so beautiful that you’ll want to explore more and more with this addictive painting style!

Check out how to do Acrylic Pouring on stepbysteppainting.net.

20. Mexican Mirrors

Mexican Mirrors

This Mexican painting idea is inspired by decorative mirrors found at every corner of Mexican marketplaces. Your kids will surely enjoy seeing mirrors on paper at the end!

First, you’ll let your kids create large circles of different radius on a piece of paper and design decorative shapes using different colors.

Then, the mirror is created in the center of the circles using copper tooling. And believe us, the result will be simply amazing.

Learn how to make these Mexican Mirrors at paintedpaperart.com.

21. DIY Mexican-Painted Planters

Give your potted planters the Mexican holiday treatment by painting brightly-colored flowers and patterns on them. To get started, sketch the shapes on the planters using a pencil before covering your creations with paint and firing up the kiln. The result is a colorful wall ornament you can display in the home.

Head over to I Love to Create for the step-by-step guide on how to make DIY Mexican-painted planters.

22. Mexican Mirrors

Combine construction paper, sequins, and copper tooling to create some Mexican mirrors. These flashy crafts projects look gorgeous, and you can use them as wall decorations during Cinco de Mayo.

Visit Painted Paper Art to learn how to make Mexican mirrors.

23. Diego Rivera Watermelon Art

Watermelons make great subjects for paintings. They’re colorful, sit still, and make a delicious snack once you’re done painting. So can you think of a better way to pass a few hours than to paint a watermelon in the same vein as artwork by Diego Rivera? Neither can we!

Check out the tutorial for Diego Rivera watermelon art at The Laughing Zebra.

24. Mexican Paper Bag Sarape

Using a paper grocery bag, some paint, a stapler, and a pair of scissors, you can make a sarape or poncho for your little one. Let your child paint the patterns on the paper bag using yellow, red, and green paint to make zigzags, dots, and stripes.

Visit Learn Create Love to learn how to make a Mexican paper bag sarape. For more paper bag crafts, visit craftwhack.com.

25. Footprint Chili Pepper

Get your kids to make some piping hot Mexican art by creating a chili pepper out of their footprint. Your child’s foot serves as the chili’s body, so they can make the print on red paint. Once the paint dries, let them use other colors like white and black to give the anthropomorphic Mexican chili features like eyes, mouths, arms, and legs.

Get the footprint chili pepper tutorial at Fun Handprint Art Blog.

26. Frida Kahlo-Inspired Self-Portrait for Kids

Frida Kahlo, one of the many renowned artists from Mexico, provides inspiration for these self-portraits. Encourage your kids to make this psychedelic Frida Kahlo self-portrait using floral patterns and a photograph with their faces on it.

Check out the Frida Kahlo-inspired self-portrait for kids tutorial at Woojr.com.

27. Paper Plate Maraca

Sandwich some beans between two paper plates and glue the two together to create a Mexican-style musical instrument. You can decide to paint the maracas before or after the gluing stage. Either way, this Mexican craft idea totally rocks!

Visit Busy Bee Kids Crafts to learn how to make Mexican mirrors.

28. Mother’s Helper Art

Mothers can enlist the help of their children when painting this scene of a child helping her mother sell flowers! It’s an excellent way to get your kids to work with oil pastels and exercise their inner artist.

Get the mother’s helper art tutorial from Deep Space Sparkle.

29. Aztec Sun

Encourage your kids to make an Aztec sun using paper plates, paint, and crafts supplies. Use a warm color scheme (red, orange, yellow) to give the paper plates a sunny disposition, and add in some green and white to borrow colors from the Mexican flag.

Check out the Aztec sun tutorial at Crayola.

30. Mexican Tin Art Inspired by Diego Rivera

Tin isn’t the first surface you’d think of to make art on. Nevertheless, you can do some impressive paintings on it. This tin art draws inspiration from “Flower Vendor”, one of the works of artist Diego Rivera. Whether you work on it alone or involve your kids, this project is the perfect way to pass a couple of hours.

Visit Woojr.com for the guide on how to create Mexican tin art inspired by Diego Rivera.

31. Mexican Mask

Cinco de Mayo celebrations aren’t complete without wearable masks, and you can make some using paper plates and colored paper. The plates will serve as the masks’ faces, and you can draw in and carve out eyes, nostrils, and a mouth to complete the look using a pencil and utility knife.

Get the Mexican mask tutorial from Jump Start.

32. Day of the Dead Skulls

The Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday for honoring the dead, and you can get in on the festivities by painting a skull on a smooth stone. This is an excellent craft to create in the Halloween season, and your kids will love painting these scary skulls.

Get started on these Day of the Dead skulls by visiting Hodge Podge Craft.

33. Paper Fan Garland

What makes crafts projects like this paper fan garland so great is that they can double as decorations for special occasions like birthday parties and weddings! Moreover, you can create a summer decoration using supplies around the house like tissue paper and folding techniques.

Check out The House That Lars Built for the paper fan garland tutorial.

34. Paisley Chickens

Even if paisleys aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Mexican folk art, the beautiful colors and flowers on these paisley chickens made out of gourds give them that look and feel. You can complete the funky look by giving your chickens a pair of makeshift glasses.

Learn how to make paisley chickens at Suzy’s Sitcom.

35. Stone Cactus

These stone cacti use nature native to Mexico as inspiration for this craft project. The idea is simple: flat stones are painted with different shades of green and white to mimic the color of cacti boiling in the desert sun. In our opinion, it’s an ingenious way to bring beauty to everyday objects.

Visit The Whoot for a step-by-step guide on how to make a stone cactus.

36. Aztec Sundial

Before there were clocks, the Aztecs used sundials to tell time. You can take your child back in time with this sundial and a history lesson about life with the Aztecs. To build the sundial, use a paper plate, a wooden ice cream stick, and some paint for the sun god’s face.

Head over to Education.com for the Aztec sundial tutorial.

37. Paper Cup Maracas and Sombrero

Mexican hats and musical instruments provide inspiration for a craft project that’s created using paper cups. Not only do they work as party favors, but they make beautiful centerpieces when glued to skewers. Ensure you use a blend of green, orange, red, yellow, and black to give your creations the colors of Mexico.

Head to Red Roko for the paper cup maracas and sombrero tutorial.

38. Mexican Pinch Pot

This Mexican pinch pot is another example of a crafts project you can do if you consider yourself a hobbyist potter. The colorful patterns that adorn its body look like they’re so much fun to paint.

Learn how to make a Mexican pinch pot over at First Palette.

39. Mexican Pottery

If you know your way around a kiln and love to paint pottery, you can try making some pottery inspired by Mexican culture. This is one of those Mexican crafts that features bright colors and different shapes like hearts and flowers reminiscent of the Cinco de Mayo celebrations. It looks fun to create, and the result is an impressive arts and crafts project.

Get started making Mexican pottery at I Love to Create.

40. Symmetrical Floral Designs

Bring some balance to your life by painting a drawing that features symmetrical flowers. You can trace over an existing drawing and achieve symmetry in the base artwork using folding techniques.

Make some symmetrical floral designs by following the tutorial at Deep Space Sparkle.

41. Sugar Skull

If you look hard enough, you’ll find a skull or two in Mexican folk art. Therefore, this sugar skull drawing, which features lush colors and floral patterns, is the perfect painting project for enthusiasts of motifs commonly used in Mexican folklore.

Paint a sugar skull using the tutorial by Deep Space Sparkle.

42. Copycat of Diego Rivera’s Peasants

Imitation is a great way to learn from masters of a craft, which is why this copycat of Diego Rivera’s Peasants painting is a fantastic project to get some painting practice in. So break out the white paper, paintbrushes, and paint – artistic glory awaits!

Make a copycat of Diego Rivera’s peasants by following the tutorial at Learn Create Love.

43. Emboss Painting Hojalata Mexican Tin Art

Summer is an excellent season to do arts and crafts projects with the kids because you can take the crafting fun outside! Outdoor crafts expand the types of materials you can use in the projects. For example, your kids will be painting on a tin sheet when creating this emboss painting Hojalata Mexican tin art. Talk about fun in the sun!

Head over to Tug Gun Mommy for the emboss painting Hojalata Mexican tin art tutorial.

44. Fruit Crate Art Project

Here’s another Mexican painting idea that draws inspiration from fruit. Instead of painting a whole watermelon, you’ll be painting on a cutout shaped to look like a basket of fruit. Additionally, this painting activity has your little ones’ names written all over it, so don’t forget to get the kids involved!

Visit Deep Space Sparkle to get started on this fruit crate art project.

45. Frida Kahlo Coloring Page

You can kill two birds with one stone by getting your kids to paint a portrait of Frida Kahlo. Not only will they enjoy the artistic process, but you can also teach them about the renowned painter’s history.

Get the Frida Kahlo coloring page tutorial at Art Projects for Kids.

46. Mayan Temple

It’s no secret that kids enjoy painting drawings. So, if you give your child some painting utensils and a copy of this downloadable coloring page of a Mayan temple, the rest is history (pun intended).

Follow the tutorial by Art Projects for Kids to paint a Mayan temple.

47. Sombrero and Poncho Art Project

Ponchos and sombreros are traditional Mexican attire that serves as inspiration for this painting project. Kids will enjoy cutting paper into hats and tunics before painting them with bright colors. Not a bad way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style!

Visit Deep Space Sparkle for more information about this sombrero and poncho art project.

48. Day of the Dead Planters

Give your garden a spooky makeover to mark the Day of the Dead by painting skulls into your planters. If the planters are already occupied, the plants within will make the skulls look like they have a full head of hair. Also, this crafts project is excellent for the Halloween season.

Visit Creative Kismet to learn how to make some Day of the Dead planters.

49. Mexican Flag

During Cinco de Mayo, you can let your kids celebrate all things Mexico by letting them paint a Mexican flag. You can use a printable of the flag and color it using red and green paints.

Visit Kids Activities Blog to get started making a Mexican flag.

50. Dollar Store Rhinestone Sugar Skull

Skulls feature extensively in Mexican folk art and culture, so this rhinestone skull inspired by the Day of the Dead holiday is the perfect crafts project to make during Halloween. Decorate the ceramic skull with rhinestones and glue to bring it to life. Alternatively, you can paint the rhinestones using different shades of paint.

Visit Mad in Crafts to learn how to make a Dollar store rhinestone sugar skull.

51. Pinata Napkin Rings

The next time you have Mexican for dinner, try dressing up your napkins pinata-style. These napkin rings are a colorful way to bring atmosphere to the dinner table. Better yet, you can make them on a low budget using brightly-colored tissue paper, tissue paper rolls, and glue.

Get the pinata napkin rings tutorial from Hey There Home.

Mexican holidays like Cinco de Mayo and Day of the Dead provide a ton of inspiration for painting ideas. So the next time the holiday mood hits you, break out some paints and make some Mexican-inspired artwork!



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