Kids’ Graphic Design Project: Business Cards

Business cards are pretty cool. Well, except for the boring ones. I’ve seen some wonderfully creative cards, and thought it would be a fun quick project for kids.

Fen had a friend over last week, so I set some blank cards in front of them- Avery printable cards, some colored pencils, and  this directive:

Make up some business cards for fictional businesses, complete with logo, phone numbers, tag lines, whatever seems businesslike. I showed them my business cards for an idea of how things can be laid out, and then let them go to town.

business cards from Artchoo

I happened to have some leftover business card blanks, but you could cut your own from white card stock, or even use Artist’s Trading Cards if you have those.

Business Card Art Project •

I also love the idea of having kids make personal business cards to give to their friends, but I sort of didn’t want to show photos of our address and phone number….


Business card project for Kids •

Business Card Project for Kids •


Now don’t even pretend you wouldn’t race to either of these fine establishments if they really existed. Kids are smart.

Check out my Pinterest board, Kid Art Projects: Design for more cool kid design projects.



11 thoughts on “Kids’ Graphic Design Project: Business Cards”

  1. I love love love this idea! It’s so creative! What’s better than the kids using their imagination.

    I’m totally stealing this idea! I’m going to have my kids do it!

    Thanks for this!

  2. Nice idea to spark creativity in kids. Kids are seldom taught how to be entrepreneurs and have that business savvy.

  3. Hi Jeanette, a follow up. We did the business card activities in our kids yoga teacher training. First with the adults, who just loved colouring on the cards and they made business cards for each other. But we ran out of time to do it with the kids – so will do next time.

    One surprise we had was with a 6 y/o on the autism spectrum who is very motivated by awards. It was so handy to have the business cards there and we drew on the cards to make little “You did it!” award to give for participation.

    So many of the kids were thrilled with their tiny award and it got everyone doing yoga. So thanks for your idea, it helped us get everyone included in the yoga class.

    • That makes me so happy to hear! It’s amazing what just having some art supplies around can trigger (as far as surprising ideas go). I will pass on your story to my sister, who might be able to use this idea in her work as a therapist in a behavioral health hospital- I think it might come in handy with some of the kids there.

      Cool about the adults, too! Adults just want excuses to be creative, too. I think the size and format of the business cards is good because it’s something recognizable to adults, and small enough so they don’t feel intimidated. Thank you SO much for the follow up!

  4. What a great idea! I remember when I was in 5th grade, there was a machine at the mall that would print out business cards. My friend and I spent our allowance on cards for our Interior Decorating “business”! It would have been much more creative if we had drawn our own 🙂
    Now, I finally do have my own business and my 4 yr old recently asked if she can have a website when she grows up. I know she’ll absolutely love to make some business cards- thanks for the inspiration!


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