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Giant Paper Popsicle Craft

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paper popsicle craft

Sweet, sweet middle of summer. When meals are regularly replaced with popsicles and ants swarm your countertops to vie for a taste of the sticky melted nectar.

We here at Tiny Rotten Peanuts (actually, just me. I’m alone today. I have the WHOLE DAY TO MYSELF.) decided to create some giant paper popsicles because one of us (again, me) spied some of these hanging all around Paper Source the last time I was walking around in there coveting everything.

I love colored card stock and bright paper crafts. Love them. Paper is so un-messy and cuttable. You can paint on it or fold it or cut it or glue it or even eat it or ball it up and whip it at someone in the head, or burn it. My God. What is there to not like about paper?

Let’s get to it. This is one of the easiest crafts ever, and Fen is going to be pissed at me for doing this without her, but I’ll leave all the stuff out for her to make some tonight.


make some giant paper popsicle s • Tiny Rotten Peanuts


1. Cut

2. paste

paper popsicle craft!

I just free-handed the cutting out of the popsicle shape, so maybe they look a bit like ghosts? Actually this guy came out of all this crafting, because I can’t make anything without seeing them as living things…


Something I didn’t plan on was that when Beckett got his hands on the robot popsicle, he used it as a mask- do you know how much fun you could have with your kids if you made a bunch of masks like this? I may have to write another post on this.

paper popsicles are fun as masks, too!

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