A Toothbrush Fit For an Elephant

Published: August 30, 2013


Here’s what happened. One day, we were innocently perusing the internet when we stumbled onto Fun at Home With Kids, a way-cool blog by Asia Citro. And we saw that she and her kids had made elephant toothpaste. What the what? 

It’s true, and we wanted to try it out, too. So we did, and it was a big hit and did exactly what it was supposed to do, foaming and growing all over the place. Beckett and Fen and her BFF couldn’t resist jamming their hands all into the stuff and playing around.

Elephant Toothpaste • Artchoo.comI highly recommend making this outside or in an area that’s easy to clean up.


We thought the elephants were pretty lucky to get such cool toothpaste, but how were they to brush those mammoth teeth of theirs without a toothbrush? Surely we should help them, or they were in danger of having terrible breath.

elephant1Photo credit: TeryKats / Foter / CC BY-ND


Here’s what we did to make our elephant toothbrush:




Put the shipping box together and wrap it in white paper, present-style. Paint it with your favorite color of paint, and let it dry completely.


Cut 3 pieces of foam to the same width as the board and approximately 9″ long. Tape them together with 2 small pieces of duct tape (this is so they don’t shift during hole-poking.) Poke holes in even rows over the 3 layers of foam- we did 18 rows of 10 holes each.

elephant toothbrush project • Artchoo.com


Fold each pipe cleaner in half and poke the ends up through 2 holes. This is surprisingly fun to do; sort of meditative.

lacing pipe cleaners


elephant toothbrush head


Glue the toothbrush head to the handle with Aleene’s tacky glue. I’m loving this stuff and using it more and more lately.

Behold your giant toothbrush, which will makes some elephants extremely happy.

Make an Elephant Toothbrush • Artchoo.com

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  1. Hilarious! And sooooo cool! I love it. I’ve been wanting to make elephant toothpaste with the kiddo for awhile…we’ll have to make a toothbrush to go with it now. 😀


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