DIY Halloween Pop-up Cards

I think it may be time for me to post a Halloween project.

Yes. Definitely time.

How about DIY Halloween pop-up cards? Of course, these don’t need to be given as cards, they can be made to decorate your entire home!

DIY Halloween Pop-Up Cards


We used a piece of card stock folded into fourths for the cards. Fold each one in half. These are mini cards, but feel free to make larger cards.

To make the basic pop-up card, cut 2 parallel slits in the spine of the card and fold it inward.

folding a pop-up card •

Cut out some cool Halloween items from the card stock- you can draw them on the back side of the paper or just eyeball it.

spider drawing

Then you just glue your cool Halloween items on to the front part of the fold. Don’t glue them too far down to the bottom of the card, or it won’t fold shut.

For the spider pop-up, we simply cut out a strip of paper, folded it into an accordion, and glued it to the card and spider.

pop-up cards!

pop-up cards

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14 thoughts on “DIY Halloween Pop-up Cards”

  1. These are adorable. My kids love to make pop up cards but they struggle with how to exactly get them to pop up. Thanks for the instructions and the cute idea!!

  2. Decorating your home with handmade cards is a pretty cool idea. Great instructions…something like this would have worked well for my kids when they were younger.

    • It’s amazing how advanced some of these pop-up cards can get. There are some incredible pop-up artists out there and it was hard for me to get through this post because I kept getting sucked into looking at more!

  3. What a fun idea. We’re featuring your post on Share It Saturday this week over at Sugar Aunts. Thanks for linking up!


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