9 Fun Star Wars BB8 Coloring Page for Kids and Adults

BB8 is great fun for any Star Wars fan, young or old, to spend some time coloring in. It offers a good selection of different shapes and challenges, and there are complexities to suit any skill level.Whether you are looking for a great BB8 coloring page for your child or for yourself or a friend, you’ll find plenty of options.We’ve gathered together the best and most varied BB8 coloring pages for you to look at. Simply print a few off, grab the colors, and get going!

1. Simple BB8

Simple BB8

Source: https://dragoart.com/print/24281/1/p.htm

For a young child, BB8 might be quite a challenging project, so this Simple BB8 coloring page would be perfect. The artist has managed to simplify the shapes considerably, while still keeping the distinctive and iconic aesthetic that BB8 embodies.

With a little help, even young children will manage this coloring page well; it has the main body and head, plus some of the metal plates drawn on, in a very simplified form. There is no background to color, so they can just focus on making the robot look great.

This is a good way to improve their fine motor skills, especially in terms of coloring in circles, and managing the angles on the plate. Older children may also enjoy this project as it offers a good opportunity for them to practice shading.

2. Snow Scene BB8

Snow Scene BB8
Source: https://globalperspectives.info/coloring/b/bb-8-coloring-pages.html

Is Christmas around the corner? Is it cold outside? This Snow Scene BB8 is perfect for that time of year and still manages to be nice and simple for children to color, although BB8 is considerably more detailed than the previous option.

In terms of coloring the snow, your child might choose to color the background either blue or black for the sky, and then they can leave the snow white. This will present a great challenge in carefully going around the edges of each snowflake so as not to spoil its shape.

3. Simple BB8 2

Simple BB8 2
Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/2407044-BB8-WIP

If you weren’t sure about the previous BB8 option, this Simple BB8 would also be good for children to try. It doesn’t include a perspective on the robot, which may make it easier for them to color, as the main part is just two circles.

The head will be the most challenging bit, but your child doesn’t need to color all the metal plates separately if this is too hard; they can just color the head in one color and it will still look great.

4. Sketched BB8

Source: https://www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com/bb-8-coloring-pages.html

Another reasonably good option for children, Sketched BB8 is a bit more challenging in that it has more detail, but most of the shapes are quite wide and simple. Again, the dial on the head will probably be the trickiest part to color well.

Your child should be able to easily fill in many of the circles, though they may find the outer circles a bit more challenging. This BB8 is probably suitable for a child with reasonably good motor skills and plenty of patience.

5. Shaded BB8

Shaded BB8
Source: https://coloringpagesonly.com/pages/star-wars-bb8

If your child isn’t a fan of shading but wants a picture with clearly defined lines, this Shaded BB8 would be perfect. Many of the major details have been filled in with black, meaning that this is essentially just about coloring the main areas in one color.

The picture will look great, but this might be a little bit of a dull project for some children, as it doesn’t really present much difficulty.

6. BB8 And R2D2

BB8 And R2D2
Source: https://www.justcolor.net/artists/allan/

Who wouldn’t want to pair these two up in a fun, Star Wars logo of sorts? This BB8 and R2D2 coloring page is perfect for fans, though it looks quite fiddly, with some very fine details on both robots that will need lots of control.

The border looks good fun and lots of children would love coloring this in, along with the blocky text and other patterns. It might be nice to leave the inside of the circle white so that the two robots stand out well.

7. Rey And BB8

Rey And BB8Source: https://coloringoo.com/printable-star-wars-rey-and-bb-8-coloring-pages/

These two characters strolling along in the Rey and BB8 coloring page offer a great, fun scene with lots for the colorer to fill in. It can be nice to color people as well as robots, and this also has background scenery, clothes, a spear, and lettering to fill in.

8. BB8, R2D2, C-3PO

Source: https://www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com/bb-8-coloring-pages.html

Putting BB8, R2D2, and C-3PO together with all that amazing dashboard of exciting buttons in the background looks great fun. The three robots are much more detailed than the background, meaning there is a chance of this actually getting finished some time, but it’s nice to have some context for them to stand in.

All three robots have lots of intricate details, so this is probably suitable for an adult or older child to color.

9. Flowery Background BB8

Flowery Background BB8
Source: https://www.abetterhowellnj.com/45-awesome-photos-of-star-wars-coloring-pages/

If you love backgrounds, this is perfect for you ““ because the Flowery Background BB8 has a very simple BB8, and a very complicated flowery scene going on behind. There is plenty of scopes to add color here, with leaves, swirls, stripes, and petals everywhere.

This is definitely aimed at adults and children with plenty of patience. It’s probably best to break this into at least a few different sessions.


Whatever sort of theme you’re looking for with BB8, you’ll find a coloring page that works for you. There are all kinds of different options, and you can always add more detail to the background of the plainer pictures to make them feel complete.



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