What Tiny People do When They Escape the Doll House

When I was looking up artists for my 5 Cool Artists post, I was led down rabbit hole after rabbit hole trying to find out who the artist was who made the photos from this pin of mine. (It’s one of those super-tall pins, so I cropped it a bit to fit better here.


Incidentally, in all those rabbit holes I discovered MORE of this art- by all different artists. (I think all of the above are by Slinkachu.) It’s inevitable that such a great idea would inspire people to make their own dollhouse people scenes. In fact, we have a few dollhouse people at home, and sometimes we set them up in their own special worlds.

Some of the photos are more effective than others. The above pin caught my eye and kept me scrolling because the scenes, the lighting, the angles- all perfect. It’s funny art, but it’s executed beautifully.

Okay, shut my pie hole, and let’s get on with looking at MORE. Under each image is the artist or site name, so you can click through to see more. Grab a snack first.

Slinkachu - Balancing Act

Slinkachu – Balancing Act

Miniature Calendar

Miniature Calendar is a site dedicated to mini people photos, and it’s cleverly set up as a calendar- 1 new photo per day. They sell photo books of the work, but strangely, I found no calendars for sale. I ‘m not such a fan of the photos- the quality isn’t there on most of them.


Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.28.29 AM

Kay Burn Lim – from her It’s a Small World Flickr album. She describes this in her album as “mowing the fur off a kiwi”, and then apologizes to her friends in New Zealand for any offense caused. LOL

Tiny doll house people art roundup

You must scroll through William Kass’ photos of doll house people and food. I had a hard time deciding which to feature here.


Christopher Boffoli is a photographer who uses these tiny people in his commercial and fine art work- plus he’s got a book out! I just added it to my Amazon cart for a Christmas present for someone. I don’t even know who yet. Maybe I’ll just keep it.

Of course, I had to try my hand at some of these, so I dug out our bag of wee tiny people and slapped on my new macro lens from Ztylus. Turns out our tiny people aren’t nearly as cool as the ones in everyone else’s photos, but look at the quality of my lens! I spent the rest of the afternoon shooting everything in my house in macro.


If you’re looking for your own army of wee little mini people to try this stuff yourself, here’s what I found:

Amazon! Yay for Amazon; they have everything. << That link is for a search I did for ‘train people’. Apparently I was remiss in calling them dollhouse people. Duh, dollhouse people are much bigger. These folks are made for dioramas and model train setups.




Ebay – search ‘diorama miniature figures’

I think we got ours at Hobby Lobby way back when.



Want even more? I discovered that there is a Flickr group to showcase this style of art, and here is your link and your ticket to not getting anything done for the rest of the day.
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Written by Joanne Gonzales

Joanne Gonzales has a passion for getting creative. Whether she is making personalized DIY gifts or taking part in larger arts and crafts projects, she puts her all into making new and beautiful things.

She lives with a group of close friends and believes in the natural way of life. Joanne has built an outdoor arts and crafts gallery that overlooks the countryside in her hometown, which is where all of her creations come to life.

Art started off as a hobby, but over time Joanne has mastered her skills and sold some of her favorite pieces. She works full time as a florist and has done for many years. It helps keep her creative juices flowing and she hopes to one day open her own florist shop with a twist.


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