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Upcycled Resist Art with Pastels and Tape

Resist Art with Pastels and Tape

We have created fun resist art before and today is a new canvas and medium! Let’s create Upcycled Resist Art with Pastels using cardboard and tape! We have created resist art several ways on this blog but today we are sharing how you can create art on everyday items that require minimal cost and even effort – just fun and creativity! This art project will be one anyone can do and enjoy because it is simple, frugal, and requires very minimal steps and equipment. We are always encouraging the gift of unplugging from the busyness of life and plugging into art and creativity here at Craft Whack.

This is the perfect art project to unwind from your day with, entertain bored kids with and so much more!  We love how beautiful these pastels look blended over cardboard. Pastels give such a soft visual effect to anything you apply it to in art. We created a similar project with watercolor and washi tape with our  Stained Glass Resist Art project.  We love how art can take you away in your mind to a calm and chill place as you let go and create while worries and stresses melt away. This project is fun and relaxing!

So what is resist art? 

This is a technique using layers to shape invisible designs or patterns. We used tape in this project that is resistant to the pastels, then blend over the covered area with a layer of pastels with our fingers. The color from the pastels will stick to the surrounding cardboard area, letting the resistant tape layer be untouched. Resist art is a common art form used with young kids as it can be incredibly flexible in its design BUT great for ALL ages.

We love this Upcycled Resist Art with Pastels and Tape because of how beautiful it is, and we hope you find it enjoyable to do too! So let’s get started.

Supplies Used:

Upcycled Resist Art with Pastels and Tape Directions:

  1. Find cardboard. We cut apart a box we had laying around the house.
  2. Take your washi tape and cover your cardboard however you would like. There are no rules!
  3. Next, take varied colors of pastels and color them in the sections inside the tape. You do not have to fully color it all as long as each section is covered 75%.
  4. Blend the pastels with your fingertips. Be mindful to wash off your fingers in-between colors as not to mix them.
  5. Now, remove the tape and you have a beautiful piece of art. You could even pop it on the wall as is or frame it if you wanted.

Hopefully, this becomes a favorite art project for you. If you love resist art projects you may also enjoy these articles too: Fun Resist Art with Tracing Hands, Fourth of July Star Resist Art  

and this Tree Resist Art project.

We hope you enjoy this Upcycled Resist Art with Pastels and Tape project! We would love to see what YOU create!

What do you think?

Written by Stefanie Davis

Stefanie is a mom of 4, farmer's wife and life long creative. She loves cooking and getting creative with art in her free time and by day she is a professional content creator. She loves creating crafts and art that inspire others to lean into their creativity, unwind and just simply enjoy life more!


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