Train Birthday Party Ideas

Is your child’s birthday right around the corner? Well, you’ve got two options here: throw a traditional birthday party, or make it more memorable and extra special for your child by making it a train party!

Giving the birthday party a railway theme will make your child over the moon, especially if they’re obsessed with Thomas the Train, and their friends would definitely love it!

If you don’t have a clue where to start, we’ve put down a list of some of the best train birthday party ideas for inspiration! And the good news is that you can make most of them yourself or with the help of your family members or neighbors. So let’s get started right away!

Train Ticket Invites

These cute train ticket invites can give the guests a hint of what the birthday party’s theme is. The guests can also keep them as a way to remember the party forever!

If you have a printer, you can easily create and print these invites on your own. Alternatively, you can just make the design and use a printing service.

Learn how to make railway ticket invites on

Table Decoration Tracks

These table tracks will set up the scene pretty well, and they’re super easy to create. Kids will love them when they sit at the table, and if you want to spice things up a bit more, you can add a small cardboard train to each chair.

Find out how to make table decoration tracks at

DIY Place Cards

Assigning the places at your train birthday gathering with cute place cards will show the kids that you really care about them. But guess what? We’re not going to use some generic place cards. Instead, we’ll use a matching train theme to create some decorative DIY place cards that kids will love.

Check out the full DIY place cards tutorial on

Printable Conductor Accessories

These cute little printable conductor accessories would be awesome in photoshoots. They can put a simple on the guests’ faces, and there are lots of ideas for them. They include conductor glasses, hats, mustaches, badges, and signs.

Follow the in-depth printable conductor accessories guide on

DIY Train Backdrop

Do you want to make your kid’s birthday photoshoot extra special? You should definitely create this DIY train backdrop. Decorations make photos even more fun, and the best part is that they won’t require anything other than a large sheet of cardboard and some paint.

Learn how to craft a DIY train backdrop on

Cupcakes Train Birthday Cake

Delicious food becomes even more delicious when it looks nice, especially when it’s a birthday cake. Nowadays, many people like to decorate birthday cakes with themes, so how about making a cupcake train birthday cake for your boy or girl? When the guests arrive, they’ll definitely be impressed by it!

Get the step-by-step cupcake train birthday cake guide from

Train Puzzle

Whether you have a son or daughter, they’ll probably love passing the time with friends trying to solve this train puzzle. Your railway-themed birthday gathering will probably be full of action, so this can be a great way to let the kids rest for a while and do something while they sit around.

Find out how to make a train puzzle at

Train Party Games and Activities

Setting up some games and activities at your train birthday party will keep the action going, especially since preschoolers and juniors love to move around and play games.

But instead of running traditional activities like trampolines and darts, you can get creative and create train-themed games from scratch.

Follow the detailed railway-themed birthday gathering games and activities on

Train Birthday Party Return Gifts

Kids love to take something home after leaving birthday parties, which is yet another opportunity to complete your child’s birthday party’s railway theme.

There are many things to try here, including printable favor tags and balloon wreathes.

Get some train birthday party return gift ideas from

Train Party Tracks

If you want to go all-in with your train party theme, putting tracks around the house would be adorable. You can use some cardboard trains for an even more realistic look.

You can make the track start from the house’s entrance all the way to the dining room.

Get the train tracks party grounds design instructions on

DIY Train Tunnel Entrance Decoration Party Ideas for Kids

Kids are curious, and a DIY train tunnel decoration will make them want to know what’s inside. It’ll make the party’s entrance look cute, and kids will have fun taking pictures around it.

Learn how to set up a DIY train tunnel entrance decoration on

Refueling Station Sign in Party Favors Snack Corner

This refueling station sign-in snack corner is one of the coolest ways to present your child’s train birthday party food and cake to the guests.

You can easily print the signs on cardstock at home, and when the kids start getting hungry, lead them to the party refueling station so they can charge up!

Learn how to create a refueling station sign-in snack corner on

Fun Car Train Sandwiches for Kids Party Treats

A party is no party without delicious wood, but instead of preparing food the good old way, you can make them match your birthday party railway theme.

All you need is toast, some cookies, and french salty tricks. Just make sure that you cut a small part of each piece of toast to be able to set it up like a car train. You can also arrange the snacks over train tracks for an even cooler presentation.

Get the detailed fun car train party sandwiches tutorial on

DIY Recycled Cardboard Train

This cardboard train can make an excellent playground idea that you can set up in the middle of your backyard. Kids love playing around with mock trains, and the icing on top is that they’ll take amazing pictures near the engine!

If you have some empty cardboard boxes, you can set up the train in no time. You’ll just need someone to help paint it.

Get the instructions for DIY recycled cardboard train on

Thomas and Friends Themed Oatmeal Container Train

Got an empty oatmeal container in your kitchen cabinet? Time to give it a job and turn it into a Thomas and Friends-themed craft!

The beauty of this idea is that you don’t need any special supplies to make it come to life. Just get an oatmeal container and some colorful paper.

Learn how to make a Thomas and Friends-themed oatmeal container train on

Thomas and Friends Inspired Costumes

These Thomas and Friends-inspired costumes will make your children and their friends happier than ever! Kids love wearing costumes at birthday parties, so why not prepare some Thomas-themed costumes for your train-themed birthday gathering? It’ll be so much fun for kids to watch their favorite episodes of Thomas the Train wearing them!

Check out the Thomas and Friends-inspired costumes guide on

Train Crossing Sign

This train-themed birthday crossing sign is pretty easy to make, and putting it near the party’s entrance would be a great way to decorate it. It’ll also be a fun way to guide guests around the house.

Check out how to craft this train crossing sign on

Train-Shaped Goodness

Serving cookies at your train-themed birthday party? Try cutting them into medium-sized pieces using a train-shaped cookie cutter. Your guests will eat a special treat, and at the same time, the dining table will look cool and fun.

Learn how to make train-shaped goodness on

Train Birthday Party Ideas Round-Up

That’s all for today! You should now have a long list of ideas to start working on for your child’s train party.

Most of these party ideas can be done at home with accessible supplies. You might need to pay a visit to your local stationery shop for more complicated crafts; other than that, you won’t have a problem throwing the coolest train party for your child.

Do you still want more fun party ideas? Check out for inspiration!

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