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The 100 Day Project – Day 1

gelli print paper collage
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Paper collage made with gelli plate prints - day 1 of #the100dayproject challenge

Day 1 of the 100 Day Project (#the100dayproject) has been a whirlwind of adventure so far. Not really, but I AM SUPER STOKED TO BE DOING THIS.

Here are my thoughts from day 1, and I’ll post my pics every day, probably not with this much writing. 🙂

I immediately realized this project will help with my indecision paralysis in 2 ways:

  1. I have an exact assignment for something to get done for the day. I am holding myself accountable because I announced my plans to do this in my Facebook group, all over social media, and to my family. I have to do it.
  2. I already started to waffle about what medium I would use for today’s sketchbook page, and that would ordinarily send me into a tailspin of pulling out 6 different art supplies and not focusing on anything. But today when I started to do that, I thought, “It’s okay! I have 100 days to try ALL the techniques and media I want to play with. I’ll get to them another day.”

Today I gave myself the freedom to sit and focus on collage with Gelli plate prints I’ve made.

I’ve been wanting to cut up some of these damn million Gelli prints forever and today I finally did. Given the scale of my pages (5×7 inches) I knew I could just launch right into it and I wouldn’t need hours to complete yet another new project that I start and never finish.

See you tomorrow. Drop a comment with a link to your Instagram post if you’re doing this challenge. I want to see!

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