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Teeny Tiny Landscape Paintings

Tiny Landscape Painting Project •
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I always eyeball tiny canvases when I’m at the art store and think about how cute they are. So I finally decided to buy some, and we had a little landscape-painting party.

Tiny Landscape Painting Project •


  • Tiny canvases or Artist Trading Cards
  • Tiny paint brushes
  • Acrylic paints

Painting Materials for Tiny Landscapes •

This project actually requires some patience. Fen wanted to jump in and glob paint all over it and be done. (I think Minecraft was beckoning.)

First we painted the grass and sky, using slightly watered-down paint. We used short, loose brush strokes, and talked about how they looked sort of like the Impressionists would paint.

While these were still wet, we took a paper towel and blotted them to give them a textural look.

Instead of jumping right back in, we set them aside to dry.

Then we painted on our foreground landscape elements; bushes and trees. Again, these were left to dry. They really don’t take that long to dry, but sometimes it takes a lot of willpower to walk away from them for a half hour or so.

Tiny Painting Project •

The final touches were added- a few lighter green marks to make the leaves look more 3-dimensional, red berries/apples. You can talk about how well red pops from a green background, since they’re complementary colors and all.

We had a special model help show off the finished product.

Tiny Painting Project •

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