Stripes! Stripes! More Stripes!

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It’s true love. My heartbeat quickens, knees weaken, my eyeballs go all squinty and shoot lasers. Wait- that doesn’t happen to you when you’re in love?

And no, I’m not talking about Christian. I’m talking stripes. Stripes are the best of the best, the greatest of the great, the fabulest of the faboo.


I guess we should all just take a collective leap into some stripe eye candy now. Nothing but good can come from staring at beautiful things for a few minutes, right?


20 Gorgeous Striped Art Pieces and DIYs

1. Giant gorgeous ceramic sculpture by Jun Kaneko

2. Miss White- a doll from Lucky Boy Sunday

3. Paper mache striped pencil toppers DIY

20 Gorgeous Striped Art Pieces and DIYs

4. A stack of stripes by Mia Christopher

5. Fantastic rustic ceramic bowls by Sharon Alpren

6. Beautiful maple spinning tops

20 Gorgeous Striped Art Pieces and DIYs

7. Painting by Julien Porisse, acrylic and oil on canvas

8. Painted sticks

9. You can make some yarn-wrapped stripey stones

20 Gorgeous Striped Art Pieces and DIYs

10. Striped gift tags

11. The tops of a wall hanging by Alicia Scardetta

12. Wood veneer DIY coasters

20 Gorgeous Striped Art Pieces and DIYs

13. Black and white striped balloons

14. WOW! This floor

15. Felt balls of stripes

16. One of my favorite artworks by one of my favorite artists, Magda Sayeg

20 Gorgeous Striped Art Pieces and DIYs

17. Make a grainsack stripe stamp

18. Washi up your walls

19. Cool sketchbook cover idea

20. Hand-painted striped linen coaster

Happy stripes to ya!

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  1. Clare
    07/25/2015 / 9:02 pm

    I want to grab my paints and make a watercolor stack of stripes right now! Why oh why do I love painted sticks so much? I will blame you if that is ok. Stripes…..washi tape…..paint……yarn….

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