Storage Furniture for Kids

Storage furniture for kids

Imagine living in a home like the ones you pin on Pinterest… totally clean, nary a toy in sight, artfully styled montages wherever you look.

Now look around your home. Is it like mine? Never-ending piles of superheroes, chalk ground into the carpet, random shoes dotting the floor… yep.

A girl can dream though, so I decided to round up a bunch of ideas for storage furniture for kids. It makes me sort of giddy when I think about cool furniture that doubles as hiding spots for all the items floating around.


Mimish is launching these cool storage beanbag chairs. They’re lightweight and combine the squishiness of a beanbag with a secret compartment underneath. I think it’s a perfect place to hide lots of candy! I mean stuffed animals.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 10.25.26 AM



The Land of Nod’s Storagepalooza is maybe my ideal piece of storage furniture for kids. There are no lids, so you can easily sweep armfuls of toys into them, but the way the openings angle sort of hides how much junk is really in there. And they hold a TON.



Well, this has me drooling with all of the amazing storage space. It’s the Cameron Creativity Storage System With Art Cubbies from Pottery Barn Kids. We would have fun filing this bad boy.

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This wall-mounted storage shelf could fit into pretty much any room of the house as a quick stash spot for kid stuff. I bet it would make a great school paperwork area. From CB2.

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Let’s not forget storage beds…. Underneath my daughter’s bed usually looks like a micro-explosion happened, and I think this is a brilliant idea for kids to store toys/gear/blankets/even extra clothes. See it? The foot of the bed is a drawer that pulls right on out. From Room & Board.

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Ad then there’s this friendly monster furniture by Oscar Nunez.

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For more kid room ideas and playroom eye candy, check out my Pinterest boards.

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  1. That is so funny and clever! I love the monster table! Just looking around. I could really use some storage!

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