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Squishy, Funny Clay: The Art of Alexandra Standen

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Alexandra Standen has all sorts of cool stuff going on with her work. What kept popping into my mind as I looked through her site was that she makes a lot of work, and she makes various styles of work, but within each grouping everything is very similar and within what seems like some boundaries or rules she set for herself.

When I look at artists’ work, I often wonder if they are so fascinated by a certain color or shape that they must explore that concept until they simply grow weary of it.

I understand that idea, but I could never get there as an artist- instead I just bounced around and made all sorts of images. They were similar in style and medium, but really strayed much further away from a central concept than some artists.

Within each of these groupings, I love how Alexandra has found a voice and stuck with it, and I find each group of finger-marked, wonky shapes funny and quirky, and I sort of want to hug them.

Alexandra’s website


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