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Spotlight on: Mr. Rocketlegs

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Leather and stitched rocks by Mr. Rocketlegs

Many of you will know of Christian, my heroic and manly husband. He makes lots of stuff, and I like to share it on social media a bunch. He has an Etsy store that he has been selling creepy baby doll head sculptures on, and if you haven’t read some of the stories to go along with the heads, I highly recommend it so you can understand the depth of his crazy.

There’s more than just crazy in there, though. He also makes really beautiful items that convey how much he loves to mess around with materials. Although I find it slightly maddening, he puzzles out how to use these materials by trial and error. I am one to take a class when I want to learn something because I need to know how to do it NOW. He loves the process. The mistakes, the exploration, the progression. Sometimes I want to line up his pieces from first to latest and take pictures, because you can see what he’s learned as he goes along.

I got him started setting up a website on Squarespace, which is actually a pretty cool platform, since he just wanted a really simple site that he could sell from. Something not as “flea markety” as Etsy. He took off with it and is now selling some of the leather-wrapped rocks you may have seen popping up in my Instagram and Facebook feeds.

Leather stitched rocks by Mr. Rocketlegs


If you poke around on his site, you’ll find a few more surprises. Maybe he’ll get his ass around to listing those pieces one of these days as well. (You didn’t think I could sustain that level of praise for my husband in an entire post, did you?)

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  • I love how supportive you are of your husband. Those cars are super cool! The site and photography on the new site is fantastic. That light! Really shows off his talent and products. I look forward to getting updates and seeing more listed in the shop!