Snowy Scene Paper Project

How do you like that double alliteration in the title? I’ve got a really cool project to celebrate magical, glowy, snowy evenings.

Snowy Scene Paper Project


Here is what you need:

Colored card stock in different shades of blue and white. We used card stock for the blues and embossed dotted white paper for the white. It gave it a sweet, snowy texture.


Card stock from Michael’s. I bought the white paper at either Michael’s or Paper Source; can’t remember, but this is a good reason to stockpile art supplies! It’s just fun to have a few extra materials around that you don’t have specifically pegged for a project- you’ll find a use for them at some point. Or your kid will jump in with their own ideas….

Step 1: Cut a rolling hillside from your white paper, then mount it on light blue paper with glue. Surprise! We used a regular old glue stick again. Cut around the perimeter of the white paper, leaving a little of the light blue paper to make the cold wintery glow.

Step 2: Cut out a few trees and a snowman (we found these to be nice graphic shapes that look good in silhouette.) Then, glue them to the light blue and cut around them like you did with the hills.

Step 3: Glue the hills onto the bottom of a dark blue piece of paper, and add the trees and snowman wherever you see fit.

It’s that easy! If your kids are ambitious, they could probably add in some silhouettes of winter woodland animals like foxes ot bunnies. Or a robot. You know I like a good robot project.

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  1. Really cool affect! Love the embossed paper. Makes me want to take a trip to the crafts store. Would make a nice framable piece!

  2. Great idea 🙂 My son misses winter a bit here in UK so all snow/winter theme activities are number one now 🙂 I will try this one with him 🙂 Thanks!

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