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blind contour drawing

Hi smoochies! Are you ready to get crackin’ with your sketch prompts? I’m so excited because I’ve not done something like this before on my blog, and it’s so much fun to have other people working along with me instead of me just shooting out projects at you. (Although I do have a bunch of projects up my veritable sleeves, comin’ at you.)

Shall we begin? Today’s sketch prompt is:

Blind contour self portrait

If you aren’t familiar with a blind contour drawing, it is this: you draw something with 1 continuous line, don’t pick up your pen/pencil/marker from the paper, and you can’t even LOOK at the paper!

*clap, clap, clap, clap* YAYYYYYY! These are so funny and fun to do. It’s fast, it’s silly, they’re beautiful, it’s a great way for us to warm up and get to know each other.

Grab your utensil and paper, gaze at yourself in the mirror, draw your portrait using the rules above. You can draw quickly or as slowly as a sloth.

blind contour drawing

Lovely, no?

Here is the list for the 10 days, in case you want to print it out and hang it all over your house:



Draw as simply or as detailed as you wish.

All art materials are fair game.

Share your sketch on Twitter or Instagram using the #Sketchwhack. I’ll repost some of your sketches on social media to get more people to join us!

Force your friends to join along! Try bribery or whining.

Join in at any time- you don’t have to have started with the first day, but you can certainly go back and do all the sketch prompts if you so desire.

Share any of the prompts on any day.


I’ve participated in some of these types of things where I’m excited at first to join in, then I whip through the assignment just to check it off my list for the day. What makes them more fun and much more worth it and potentially habit-forming is to sit and draw mindfully. Give yourself the gift of 5 minutes alone, sit down, take a deep breath, look at your page, focus on the prompt.

My sketches will mostly be fairly small and simple, because that is how I like to draw. Draw in whatever way you want. Try a new style if you want- copy someone else’s if you want! (Just to get a feel for how they draw.) This is all about experimenting, joining other people in a creative endeavor, holding yourself accountable (in a fun way), and giving yourself a few moments every day to make something with your hands.

What do you think?


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