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Shaving Cream. Not Just For Shaving Anymore.

shaving cream painting for kids
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Being a blogger of art projects, I tend to come across a lot of activities for children using all sorts of wonderful materials and techniques. Take a wild guess about which of those materials I am sharing with you fine people this morning.

Good guess! Shaving cream! The best part about this is that you don’t buy the expensive gel shaving cream, you need the cheap, foamy crap that smells like a lecherous old man.

One project I wrote about was painting with a shaving cream/glue mixture, and it was positively cooler than cool because the texture and weight of the substance really felt like you were painting with clouds.

I’ve also tried printmaking on a bed of shaving cream, which I really need to blog about because it’s another fun and magical technique. But this time I just whipped up a batch of shaving cream paint for Beckett and let him do his thing.

shaving cream painting

Easiest art activity ever. Here is what you do: 

Squirt shaving cream into each little hole in a muffin tin. Use this opportunity to practice being a barista and pretend you are topping off 12 frappuccinos with whipped cream. Practice your hand flourishes. When I worked at Orange Julius in high school, I tried to see how high I could get the blender up in the air over the cup when I was pouring the drinks. You’re welcome for that story.

Drip little drips of liquid watercolor or food dye onto the tops of the fluffy mountains.

Place your child either, A. Inside of a bathtub, or B. Outside with a large piece of white paper.

Take photos and laugh and laugh and laugh.

P.S. Your child’s hands will be stained for a day or so, and they will think this is pretty cool. If they also think it is pretty cool to coat their little wee-wee bit with the shaving cream, this will be stained for a day or so as well. 

shaving cream painting for kids

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