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Really Cool Gel Transfer Project

Gel transfer art project to do with kids •
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Hello! I have a REALLY fun project today- we’re delving into acrylic paints for this easy gel transfer project, and the best part is, it’s fun for most ages of kids.

Gel transfer art project to do with kids •

I got the idea for this project on the Golden Paints website, and I happen to love Golden brand, so I have a ton of their paints and gel mediums around. I had to modify the project somewhat, because I didn’t have the fancy plastic surface they used.

First I tried heavy vinyl, but everything just permanently stuck together. I was determined to figure out a kid-friendly way to do this project, and after some more trial and error, I discovered that good old wax paper works beautifully!

You DO have wax paper, don’t you?


  • Acrylic paints
  • Acrylic gel medium- gloss or matte
  • Wax paper
  • White card stock or smooth watercolor paper

Since you may not have acrylic paints or gel mediums, I’ve included some Amazon links if you want to throw them into your next order. I will be doing more acrylic projects in the future, and they really are wonderful paints for elementary kids and older.

Rip off a piece of wax paper and paint on it with acrylic paints. Remind your kids that as they are painting, the paint that is closest to the wax paper will be the part that is showing in the final print.

gel transfer project •

This means, if you paint something, then let it dry and paint over it, your final print will only show whatever paint is touching the wax paper.

We started by painting with black on the wax paper, letting it dry and coloring it in with different colors of paint.

Gel transfer art project to do with kids •


Let this dry completely. Next, brush acrylic gel medium all over your painting, in a semi-thick layer.

acrylic gel medium


Place a piece of white card stock over this and press, rubbing from the center out to work out the air bubbles. Let your paper sit there and dry for about 30-45 minutes. Don’t let it dry all the way! The wax paper will stick to the paint too much.

After about 30 minutes, slowly peel back the wax paper. You’ll see right away if the paint is coming off with the wax paper or staying with the gel and paper. Leave it alone for another 15 minutes if the paint isn’t coming off with the paper and gel medium.

The best part of this project is peeling the wax paper away and seeing your amazing print! Check out the cool texture from the wax paper.

Acrylic gel transfer project to do with kids-

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