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A Project to Accompany William Wegman’s New Book

Art project - based on William Wegman's new kids' books Flo and Wendell •
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I got an email out of the blue from one of William Wegman’s studio assistants, asking if I’d like to write a post about William Wegman’s new book. “You bet your ass I do”, I replied. Only I didn’t really use those words, because I’m much too refined and polite.

In any event, I must have been living under a rock, because I didn’t even know he had written a children’s book, and this was his second in the series. It’s lovely. Both of the books are. More than lovely- they’re funny and sweet and terrifically silly. Beckett adores them- there’s one image in the first book that has him giggling like a little girl every time he sees it.


First off, I love having hard cover children’s books, as opposed to dumb flimsy old paperback books. Second of all, his illustrations in these books are a fun change to what we’re used to seeing- it’s always odd when you see an artist use different materials. We tend to get fixated on whatever medium we are used to seeing an artist use, without realizing that most artists like to medium-hop. So it’s very cool to see this mixture of Wegman’s iconic photography and his loose painting style.

The two books follow Flo and Wendell, two Weimaraner (surprise!) pups who are siblings and have a typical sister-brother relationship- I think Beckett recognizes a bit of the relationship he has with Fen, and keeps demanding that we read these books back to back to him.


The illustrations consist of photos of the dogs’ heads, while the rest of the scenes are painted. Naturally, we had to try out this technique ourselves. I was kind of excited when Beckett even made one- I was thinking Fen and I were going to be the only ones interested, but little B even cut out his finished characters and played with them for a while.

Here’s how you can make this project. I have an easy way and a harder way.

Easy Way
1. Take pics of your kids or pets.
2. Print the photos on a high quality setting on white card stock.
3. Cut the heads out of the paper and glue them onto another paper.
4. Paint or draw outfits and scenes around the heads.

Cool Computerized Way
1. Take pics of your kids or pets.
2. Open the pics up in your favorite photo editing software (I used Photoshop Elements).
3. Use the magical tools to cut the heads off of the bodies and paste them onto a transparent background.
4. Print them out onto the white card stock and paint or draw all around them.

Art project for kids based on William Wegman's new Kids' book •

Art project - based on William Wegman's new kids' books Flo and Wendell •

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  • First: this is the best site : E V E R and second: how did I miss this post?! I’m such a man and 2 years ago we were at a Wegman exhibit in Stockholm that had small films that he made based on the Brady Boys, called “the Hardly Boys” — they were great. I can’t wait to pick these up too!