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Paper Crafty Flower Package Topper Thingies

paper flower package topper
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paper dots

I just don’t even know what to call these little items. They aren’t really tags- they’re more like present decor, but how stupid does that sound? PRESENT DECOR. Aren’t they cute, though? Here’s how you can make them, and all you need to get started is:

Colored card stock

Hole punch


Embroidery floss

Embroidery needle



making paper flower tags

1. punch out big dots. I used 4 per flower.

2. Pick a lovely shade of embroidery thread and poke it up one side and back out the other side of the stack, in the center. Tie it in the back.

3. Cut lines almost to the center of the circle.

4. Bend them up and manipulate them until they look how you want them.

DIY paper flower tags

Oh, looky! I added a tiny pom pom to this one!

paper flower package topper

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