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Hey, all! Back from my 2-day Coca Cola Balanced Living Workshop, which was completely cool. I’ll have my post up all about it next Friday. Expect some amusing photos…

In the meantime, I’m just going to go ahead and admit to being a slacker for the next few weeks, due to Christmas and my need to retain some sanity. I’m going to mix some old posts in with the new, because I know many of you haven’t followed me from the beginning of this blog. Wouldn’t want you to miss out on anything, right?

As for today, I discovered Oompa toys recently. If you procrastinate with holiday buying like I do, they have some wonderful gift ideas. If you don’t procrastinate, they still have great stuff, so keep them in mind as a resource.



Moov Starter Construction Kit

Moov Starter Construction Kit – This thing is actually 3 things – You can turn it into a bike, a crane, or a snow scooter just by reassembling the pieces. (By hand- no tools are used!) Or you can just mess around with the parts and make your own super-cool items. Engineering meets outdoor play meets beautiful design. Ages 5-12.


Animal Truck Pull Toy by Janood – This is the sort of toy that’s so simple but inspires hours of role-playing. I can totally see the one donkey getting jealous of the other donkey when he befriends the sheep. But then the sheep decides she enjoys the company of the pig more, and the donkey goes back to the other donkey and patches things up. Meanwhile, the cows just want to drive the truck around, looking for bad guys to fight.


All Season Dollhouse – This dollhouse comes furnished, and Oompa is having a special where you get a doll family and a car for free when you buy this. Cool! The thing I hated about playing with dollhouses was that they were so hard to get into, but this one is nice and open. This also provides for lovely natural lighting throughout the house so they family won’t suffer from a vitamin D deficiency.



Rock Star Guitar – I’m pretty sure it would be impossible to play this guitar and feel anything but happy, so if you’re looking to turn your kid into a tortured rock star, this is not the way to go. Who knew polka dots on guitars would be so appealing?!

registerHape Checkout Register – Every kid needs a cash register to get a jump start on learning how to swipe credit cards. The addition of the abacus and notepad are just neato, and the wood for this toy comes from an FSC-managed forest.

rockinghorsePalomino Rocking Horse – A lovely, modern twist on a classic toy. P.S. It’s fun to get video of your kids rocking spastically back and forth, laughing uncontrollably.


Here is a carrot. No further explanation is necessary, I think.

Enjoy exploring the Oompa site!

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