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graph paper notebook
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Disclaimer: I was sent a big old box of notebooks to review for this post, and will reward one lucky winner with the same.

Raise your hand if you are in love with office products like I am. Some of the best moments in summer for me are perusing office supply aisles, and picking up bits and pieces of whatever is on Fen’s back to school list.

I have piles of half-used notebooks in my home; every sort of pen imaginable. It’s all good. I was sent some notebooks to review recently, and I got a little excited, because the thought of being able to half-fill even more notebooks made me giddy!

Okay, I promised to share a couple with my kids, but when I opened the box, I nabbed the one with the purple paper. It’s just a little detail, but if you’re an office supply freak like I am, you’ll realize that purple paper makes it so much more fun to write in a notebook.

purple notebook


Right away, I handed over the notebooks that my kids could color in, and they had a blast- Beckett was very pleased with himself upon finishing his notebook. I always loved drawing all over my notebooks, and I think this is a cute way to encourage kids to get creative with their school supplies.

Coloring cover notebooks


Next up, we explored the Cross-over notebook. When you open it up, the pages look like normal, college-ruled paper, but on the back of each page the lines go width-wise. This means…. if you hold it up to the window you get graph paper! Magic! We used it to draw little squares, but I have a feeling this is not what it was intended for. It’s still cool for note-taking purposes for older students or businessy-type people.

graph paper notebook

We also got some notebooks that seemed pretty straightforward, but upon checking them out, I noticed they were made from paper from sugarcane! How cool is that?

The company that makes all of these items is Roaring Spring Paper Products, and you can go like their Facebook page to hear about new products and WIN THINGS. Yay! They recently gave away a box of office supplies– I think I would faint.

You can find Roaring Spring Paper Products at most office product stores or shoplet.com

Oh wait- how would you like to win a box full of all of these notebooks? I shall name 1 lucky winner in 1 week. Easy to enter!
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