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Naomi Taitz Duffy

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I was initially drawn to Naomi Taitz Duffy’s work because as I get back into art-making, I was Pinteresting art I liked and wanted to emulate for warm-up paintings. I’m finding instead of leaping back into art and just winging it, it’s much less of a scary prospect when you can take someone else’s work and use that as a jumping off point.

Obviously you won’t be copying their work. It’s like every artist does: you are deeply inspired by someone’s work, you resonate with it, and it gives you the direction to make your own personal work.

Naomi Taitz Duffy’s paintings are eye candy for pattern and color-lovers, and I appreciate that she pares her art exploration down to these basics.

More of Naomi:

Washington Project for the Arts
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Have fun getting sucked into her Instagram feed. 


My Pinterest Pattern + Color board

Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon – One of my favorite books to recommend to artists.

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