Monika Forsberg

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Monika Forsberg illustrations as seen on
Have you ever visited a website where you are so delighted to be transported into another world that you get all giggly and click around and fall in love with what the internet can give us all over again?

I love Monika Forsberg’s illustrations a ton a ton a ton, and then her site takes my love a step further with all it’s surprises and nuances.
Monika Forsberg illustrations as seen on

Monika Forsberg illustrations as seen on

It’s neat to see that she’s teamed up with eBoo on some projects, as I completely love their stuff. Also good: she sells little awesome pocket mirrors in her Etsy shop!

Monika Forsberg website, Walkyland



Etsy shop

Ooooh, check out my review of Monika’s book here.


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