Drawing ideas and projects for kids and adults. Drawing is the basis of artmaking- usually the first art we explore as kids, but it’s also such a fun way to unwind and stay creative as adults.


The world of painting is vast and varied and SO AWESOME. I love playing with different paints and techniques, so you’ll find lots of ideas here.


Paper projects are fantastic for when you aren’t yearning to get messy, but still want to get your craft on.


Printmaking can be as easy as stamping your painted thumb on a piece of paper. My printmaking projects usually err on the easy side, but I still like to play with new and interesting printmaking techniques.


Projects that tend toward the sculptural live here. You might notice a lot of bowl projects here. I like bowls.


Collage is the perfect way to see how different materials play together. Really, anything goes with collage and it works great for both quick and easy art projects, or those that are more elaborate.


This is basically where everything goes that feels more crafty than arty – however I choose to determine that at any given moment.


I don’t ever get too over-the-top fancy with my recipes, so these are mostly simple, delicious recipes. I tend toward either side of the spectrum: really healthy or really chocolatey.

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