Kiwi Crate Saves Your Life

Kiwi Crate is a newish company, but they seem like they exploded onto the scene. Their whole deal is that you sign up to receive a box full of art stuff each month for your kids. (Best for ages 3-7).

Parents don’t have to plan or compile a bunch of art materials because it’s all included. The projects are very cool – there are dinosaur projects ‘stained glass’, robots, bugs, garden, and some of the project bring in science concepts. And do you know how excited kids get when something comes in the mail especially for them? They freak!


Kiwi Crate dino crate
Stompy Dinosaur Feet from the Dig Into Dinosaurs crate

It’s $19.95 per month for the subscription, but you can also order them as a gift for someone.

This would be an amazing gift – (you can even gift one crate to a kid. In fact, this might become my birthday gift of choice when Beckett starts to go to all of those birthday parties.)


Garden crate from Kiwi Crates
These are the projects in the Growing Gardens crate.

They just won a Parent’s Choice award based on ease (for the parents), diversity of projects, and kid-friendliness.


stained glass project from Kiwi Crate

One great extra feature is that you can add on materials to the crates for $7.95 a month for siblings – you don’t need to order 2 subscriptions if you have extra kids.

Something I didn’t know about them until I started poking around their site more, is that they also offer mini crates for birthday party or playdate activities. That is a big old bonus if you have a pre-planned birthday party activity. I don’t know about you, but I get majorly stressed trying to plan kids’ parties.

Check them out here: Kiwi Crate



My disclaimer is that I am an affiliate for Kiwi Crate, BUT! As with everything else on this site, I only endorse products I truly love.

What do you think?


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  1. Love the idea of using them for birthday gifts!!! My daughter would SO love this! Maybe for Christmas, will come back and use your link!

  2. I do not have children and tend to panic when I need to buy a birthday or holiday gift for my friend’s kids. I am definitely going to use this idea for holiday gifts!

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