Jackpot! Old Records to Make Your Kids Listen to

I saw a link to these posted on Google+ the other day, and now I can’t even remember who posted it, because I clicked over so fast I melted my computer and had to go buy a new one and have skin grafted off my butt to fix the singed skin on my finger and then some more things happened and some other things, but then I finally got to see this page and now so can you.

And listen to it.


These are so great for different reasons- first off, gaze upon the record cover art. It’s brilliant. It’s amazing. Talk about personified creepies- this is a veritable windfall. Second, when you listen, you can hear the crackliness of the records and it will instantly jettison you back to days of yore.

I urge you to listen to just the first few seconds of the first record when you click on 2009. It’s called Luke the Singing Duck. Then come back and tell me what you think. Did your eyes grow wide in wonder?

Here’s the link; enjoy your weekend: Kiddie Records


What do you think?

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