Impromptu Leaf Creations

Sometimes you’re just sitting around out on your front steps with your son. It’s raining Fall leaves of oranges, reds and yellows. This is the perfect moment to enjoy the leaves through some impromptu art-making, am I right?

Of course, art-making can only take place after all of the leaf-jumping has ceased, but you wait patiently and take lots of the requisite leaf-and-child photos.




Then the color-naming and shape-making can begin…..


leaf collage |


We stacked, alternated, fanned, lined up and overlapped leaves. We not only named colors, but got into shades: light vs. dark red, etc. The sizes of the leaves were discussed, as were the lines from the veins, the edge shapes, the textures, and which ones had two or more colors on the same leaf.


leaf stacks |


This is a great time of year to practice your Andy Goldsworthy projects, as the leaves are plentiful, and then you can watch your art pieces blow away as you delve into your next project.


lello leaf |  from

This was one of those activities I was referring to when I wrote about finding art in the every day. If you look around, you can find those little ways to interject art terms and creative observation into anything you’re doing.

What do you think?

Written by Joanne Gonzales

Joanne Gonzales has a passion for getting creative. Whether she is making personalized DIY gifts or taking part in larger arts and crafts projects, she puts her all into making new and beautiful things.

She lives with a group of close friends and believes in the natural way of life. Joanne has built an outdoor arts and crafts gallery that overlooks the countryside in her hometown, which is where all of her creations come to life.

Art started off as a hobby, but over time Joanne has mastered her skills and sold some of her favorite pieces. She works full time as a florist and has done for many years. It helps keep her creative juices flowing and she hopes to one day open her own florist shop with a twist.


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  1. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful! I wish it would stop raining here so I could go photograph the beautiful fall colors.

    • I know! It’s impossible to not take photos of the leaves every Fall. Although we haven’t had a ton of rain lately- they get nasty when it rains and then I don’t want to rake. Then they get stinky. It all goes down hill from there…

  2. Stopping by from Sits. I love your pictures! I just love all the colors of fall. It’s my favorite season. I am a preschool teacher. I love this idea. I didn’t realize that you could learn so many things from leaves.

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