I Scored a Bunch of New Art Supplies

sakura brush markers

I have long been a rabid fan of Sakura art supplies, as are most arty farty people I know. Their iconic Micron pens are used by thousands of tanglers, pointillists, graphic designers, illustrators, and all sorts of art students learning to use the best of the best art materials.

abstract sketchbook drawing

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Knowing that I go absolutely nutty over new art supplies, how do you think I felt to be able to tear into a box full of them all from Sakura? Yep, they sent me some goodies. Yep, I was foaming at the mouth as I ripped open that box, and yep, Fen was right there with me squealing in excitement. It’s good to have raised a little teenage artist.

I wanted to thank Sakura by writing this post, and also to show you 2 of their markers with which I have fallen madly in love.

I played around with all of the supplies they sent me, as that is what one does, and tried to figure out the best uses for each. You know how sometimes you try an art supply and realize that it’s just not in your wheelhouse, and you don’t like making the kind of art it was designed to make? That happened a few times until I determined the supplies I loved and enjoyed.

I cracked open a grey-paper sketchbook, which I highly recommend you try, and used a Micron to draw a random circle/line design.

I then filled in the cute little circles with the luscious brush tip markers, and then added in some white lines with the Gelly Roll pen.

sakura brush markers

Marker love #1: Koi Watercolor Brush Pens – These things flow. They make such beautiful marks on the paper, and I certainly did not do them justice with my circles, but they would be perfect for hand-lettering or beautiful line work in a drawing.

Just to show you what else they can do, I made a quick, trippy drawing in my sketchbook. They are joyful. The way the colors overlap is really lovely, and they brush on so smoothly.

watercolor brush art

Here’s another weird sketchbook experimentation with the watercolor brush markers:

sakura markers

Marker love #2: Gelly Roll Moonlight 06 – I have long been a fan of the white gelly roll pen, but it was a blast to draw with the colors. They are so vivid and smooth. I tried them on dark paper along with a white gelly roll, and they pop beautifully.

botanical drawing on dark paper

Here’s what my work/photo space actually looks like. Fen had some scribble therapy with ALL of the pens. 🙂

Find these Sakura goodies here:

Koi Watercolor Brush Pens

Change the pressure of the pen to achieve different strokes, and you can get really cool calligraphic lines.

The colors blend well together so you can mix up your own colors .

Buy a blender pen to use with these to make color gradations.

Available in different pack sizes with even MORE colors.

Gelly Roll Moonlight pens

Bright, smooth colors that flow nicely

Show up beautifully on dark paper

Try these with the white gelli roll pen

Available in different pack sizes and point sizes

Last longer and work better than the cheapo pens 🙂

What do you think?

Jeanette Nyberg

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  1. I have a set of the Moonlight Gelly Roll markers. I like them and use them a lot for doodling. I also have the Micron pens and also use them when I am not using my fountain pens. They are really nice. The only Sakura product that disappointed me was a Koi watercolor field sketch kit.

    • The gellies are perfect for doodling, aren’t they? I haven’t used the field sketch kit yet, as my 15 year old nabbed it away from me immediately. She’s having fun with it! Do you draw with your fountain pens?

      • I do draw/sketch with my fountain pens. I have 5 pens which I got from an online fountain pen business based in Virginia. Three of my pens are filled with water resistant ink and the other two are filled with non-waterproof ink. Each serves a purpose in my life. If I had a bunch of fountain pens, each with a different color of ink, I could use them for all of my sketching and coloring needs. Now, if I could only get a fountain pen which could double as a multi-holiday ornament….

  2. I love the Koi brush pens, the colours are so vivid! Never been a fan of gelly rolls though, I can never get them to flow. I keep trying to like them as I have a selection!

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