How to Make a Simple Upcycled Crayon Holder Project


Who needs an easy craft using items hanging around your home? We created this Simple and Fun Upcycled Crayon Holder Project out of common items most people have laying around. It is so much fun to create a craft that also gives purpose to items and reduces waste. This is a great craft to celebrate National Earth Day even as it is using a form of recycling! This craft project will be one anyone can do and it is simple, frugal, and requires very minimal steps and equipment. We are always encouraging the gift of unplugging from the busyness of life and plugging into new art projects and creativity here at Craft Whack.


crayon holder

Sometimes you do not have the ability to run to the craft store but you NEED to be creative. If this is ever you this is the perfect project for you. This Simple and Fun Upcycled Crayon Holder Project is relaxing and zero stress with the minimal mess while making it. What is nice is once you have completed your crayon holder you can tidy up even more with a cute container to organize. We love craft projects that also serve a purpose. If you are looking for other upcycled projects you may enjoy making the resist art made on a piece of cardboard too.

So what does it mean to upcycle?

Upcycling can also be called creative reuse and is where you take materials deemed waste or useless and give them a purpose again with your creativity. Who doesn’t love breathing life back into old objects and items and getting creative with what you have on hand?!

We love this Simple and Fun Upcycled Crayon Holder Project because of how easy it is to make and we hope you find it enjoyable to do too! So let’s get started.

craft supplies

What you need to make your crayon holder:

  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • yarn
  • a round small chip container that is empty and cleaned out
  • tape to hold down the yarn as you braid it

How to Make a Simple and Fun Upcycled Crayon Holder Project:

yarn braiding

  1. First, you need to cut your yarn 2-3 arm lengths depending on the size of your container.
  2. Tape it down and braid it making sure it is tied on either side.

braided yarn

3. Once your yarn is braided you will hot glue it to your container starting from the bottom.

crayon holder diy

4. As you wrap the yarn around make sure to attach to the backside with some hot glue every few inches.

crayon holder diy

5. Continue to wrap and glue the yarn until your crayon holder is fully covered.

crayon holder

What you end up with is a fun and nice-looking container to hold your crayons or really anything else you want to organize. If you leave a small space on the top you can even still use the lid so you can take your crayons on the go which can be great to keep kids busy! Hopefully, you enjoyed making this Simple and Fun Upcycled Crayon Holder Project!  If you are looking for other projects to do that are full of art and fun you may also enjoy these articles too: Fun Resist Art with Tracing HandsFourth of July Star Resist Art, and this Tree Resist Art project.

We hope you enjoy this project! We would love to see your version of it!

What do you think?

Written by Stefanie Davis

Stefanie is a mom of 4, farmer's wife and life long creative. She loves cooking and getting creative with art in her free time and by day she is a professional content creator. She loves creating crafts and art that inspire others to lean into their creativity, unwind and just simply enjoy life more!


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