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5 Animal-Lover Artists Who Paint Dogs

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I am a dog person. Any time a canine is strutting down the street, you can bet my head is gonna swivel that way, and I will immediately and completely ignore anyone I am with. Unless they happen to be someone who I know will appreciate the dog-sighting as much as I.

I’m assuming if you opened this post, you are fond of pet-type-creatures as well, so let’s ooh and aah over the magical place where dogs are celebrated and immortalized by some of the most creative people on Earth.

5 Artists Who Paint Dogs

Sandra Flood

Look at all these subtle colors and highlights and canvas texture! It’s like the perfect marriage of photography and painting, with the best subject matter ever. Sandra was kind enough to share with me this new image of Bull especially to post her. Hi, Bull! (Go ahead and boop that nose.)

dog paintings

Sandra Flood’s website

Sandra Flood on Instagram

David Scheirer

David Scheirer, or, Studio Tuesday on Etsy, paints stunning watercolors of pets (amongst other art). Don’t try to tell me you can keep from saying awwwwwww out loud when you see the paintings below:

pet portraits

Studio Tuesday on Etsy

Johanne Mangi

Johanne Mangi manages to instill her dog portraits with all the emotions you feel when you look at your dog and are filled with love. Her dream-like, painterly style captures the unique nuances of each dog’s personality perfectly. Seriously, can’t you almost hear what they’re thinking?

dog paintings

Johanne’s website

Johanne on Instagram

Lisa Keene

I was drawn to the amazing colors and lush textures in Lisa Keene’s dog paintings immediately. The dogs work into their backgrounds so beautifully. It’s fun to read all the stories about each dog on her site, and it’s interesting to note that she is also a concept artist for a lot of animated movies you’ll recognize.

Lisa Keene dog paintings

Lisa Keene’s website

Oleksii Movchun

Oleksii is a Ukrainian artist who paints custom pet portraits that are alive with texture and movement. It’s fun to read his Etsy reviews from people who are beyond thrilled with how he captures that unique animal essence that make pets so much more than ‘just pets’.

Custom dog portraits

Oleksii on Etsy

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