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I have THOUSANDS of photos stored on an external hard drive, and on iPhoto. I am really awful at going through and weeding out the ones I want to keep and print, so really, we haven’t gotten prints in made in about 2 years. At this point, I can’t imagine the daunting task of sifting through years of photos, and then organizing them all into albums.

This will definitely be a job for when Bex is in school full time. But I miss the thrill of picking up prints and flipping through them and having a mini nostalgic trip. There has to be a name for that feeling, because I KNOW it makes some cool chemical surge through your brain.

I heard about Groove Book and gave it a try, because it seemed like a super-duper easy way to get some prints of your photos. Here’s the deal:

All month long you upload photos from your phone through the Groove Book app- just whenever you think of it. Then once a month, you are sent a little book with up to 100 (yep, 100!) of your photos in it. You can get duplicates if you want, and they are perforated so you can rip some out easily and give them to people.

Every month you get a new book, and it’s only $2.99 a month. It’s a subscription sort of thing, so they just take the $2.99 out each month, and you get a cool book. And yes- it comes with the thrill of getting prints of your photos.

I’m trying to figure out how they can do this for just $2.99 a month, but I’m not going to ask them. Maybe they don’t realize how cheap this is…

I decided to order the requisite cute kid pics, but also had a wave of brilliance when I took photos of the kids’ artwork to keep forever instead of keeping the actual pieces.

Fen's bedroom wall, folks
Fen’s bedroom wall, folks


Here are some other cool ways you can use your Groove Books:

  • Save some of the artworks your kids make in art apps to your photo stream, then order some of these to use in a Groove Book to use as postcards.
  • Alternatively, your kids can use some in collages- these would be fun to cut up and use in photo collages
  • This would be the coolest thing ever to do if you are very organized or 14 years old: They publish the prints in the order that they are on your camera, so you could try to make a flip book by photographing your illustrations.
  • Take a bunch of photos to use specifically as lunch box notes. You can write sweet little messages to your kids on the photos and tuck them into their lunches for the day.
  • Since Beckett is completely obsessed with his little super hero figures, I am going to take some lovely iPhone portraits of them, and give him the copies of the prints when they come in my next book.


Now, while the photos aren’t printed on thick photo paper, I was impressed by the printing quality, and they are a great way to get photos printed each month without having to think or do much.


Grrove Book photos •


Here is where you can sign up for your Groove Book account:

If you use my code when you sign up, I will make a small amount of money, which will allow me to continue my Starbucks habit and buy some more art supplies for new posts. And you still get your photo books. Win all around!

Sign up for your books here, and please use Coupon code: ARTCHOOGROOVE 

Groove Book photos •

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  1. That is a fantastic price. I am just thinking back to the olden days when you had to buy film, etc. Love all your ideas on how to take advantage too!

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