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Fun Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Painting

Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Painting

Let’s create a fun Bunny Painting using toilet paper rolls!  This simple art project is easy and uses items you likely have lying around the house. We saved a few toilet paper rolls for this project. It is fun to see what you can use to create art that is simple and frugal. We are always wanting to help you fill your time with creative inspiration here at Craft Whack from watercolor projects to zentangle to Cricut projects and more! This one will not leave you disappointed and your kids, especially, will LOVE it!

We did this Bunny Painting on canvas but you could paint this on thick art paper or even a piece of cardboard! This is the perfect project to get your little ones in the mood for Springtime and Easter as well!

We used acrylic paint in this project but possibly you have not used that medium before and wonder what it is?

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What is acrylic paint?

Based on Wikipedia, acrylic paint is fast-drying and made of colors held in paint in acrylic polymer emulsion and plasticizers, silicon oils, defoamers, stabilizers, or metal soaps. In this instance it’s in your very common art supply paint you can find at any art and crafts store. What is neat about acrylic paint is it becomes water-resistant when it dries.

We really enjoyed creating this Fun Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Painting and think you will too! Let’s get started!

Supplies Used:

  • Canvas
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Empty chip container or any other circular item could be used such as a cookie cutter or medium-sized jar


Fun Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Painting Directions:

  1. Create circles on your canvas by using something circular (this can be a can, chip container as pictured above, cookie-cutter, or jar). Place paint on a plate and then dip the circular item in the paint.
  2. Next, press this item onto your canvas. What you will see left behind is a stamped circle from the item you chose to dip in the paint. You can create as many circles (that will turn into bunnies) as you would like – we chose to do three. Get creative with colors, make them similar or all different – whatever you prefer.
  3. Then, use the toilet paper roll and squish the roll to create a bunny ear shape if you are looking at the bottom.
  4. Take the bottom of your newly squished toilet paper roll and dip it in the paint just as you did with your circular item and add that to the top of each circle. You will want to add two to create two bunny ears on each circle. You are creating a bunny face by finding common items and using them as a stamp to create this bunny painting on your canvas!
  5. Lastly, add a nose, mouth, eyes, and whiskers to each bunny face you create. Do not forget to paint inside the bunny ears as well.


Isn’t it fun to create your very own bunny painting?!  You can make each bunny have it’s own expression and personality. You could even put glasses or sunglasses on your bunnies. What about a fun hat even? What will YOU add to your bunny painting?

We really hope you enjoy making this Fun Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Painting as much as we did! If you enjoyed this art project you may also enjoy these fun Easy & Fun Animal Drawing Ideas as well.

Here are a few other holiday painting projects to try: our Salt Painting Project and our Salt and Glue Painting!

We hope you have a ton of fun creating these bunny paintings at home!

What do you think?

Written by Stefanie Davis

Stefanie is a mom of 4, farmer's wife and life long creative. She loves cooking and getting creative with art in her free time and by day she is a professional content creator. She loves creating crafts and art that inspire others to lean into their creativity, unwind and just simply enjoy life more!


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