Everyday Creativity For Your Kids

I’m a big fan of collecting ideas for helping my kids learn math in fun, everyday ways. We reinforce fractions via cutting the pizza, count stairs as we use them, and play impromptu adding games. Did you know you can also do this with art? It’s a great way to reinforce creative thinking and help your kids start to see the world around them in a more rounded way.

Want to read more? Head on over to Sverve to read a guest post I wrote on this subject.

What is Sverve, you ask? You bloggers out there will be interested. It’s a newish social network designed to pair mom bloggers with brands to form a cohesive working relationship. As a blogger, you share “tips”, or links that you find helpful or interesting under a variety of categories. You can follow other bloggers and share their content or endorse them if you find they are knowledgeable on certain topics.

For those of you who aren’t bloggers, here’s a photo of a self portrait of Beckett. He’s 95% potty trained, but felt the need to include an extremely fancy diaper in his drawing. Okay, now you can read my post.

little kid drawing

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  1. Love your artsy ideas, Jeanette…and your Sverve shout-out! Can’t say enough good things about both!

    ps – That there is the fanciest diaper I’ve ever seen. EVER.

  2. I come here to get inspiration – hoping to inspire some creativity for our homeschooling. I find this to be the best blog for that.

    Regrettably, I just don’t like doing art with my kids. It’s just too messy. (not a very good blog visitor am I?).

    Well, I keep trying. I’m heading over to your crayon rubbing blog now. Hopefully that will get me going with something – anything.

    Thanks for all the posts!

    • Well, that’s a pretty great comment, so thank you! I totally feel you on the whole messy thing- I try to provide ideas that are easy and fairly neat (along with the messy ones). I get it that not everyone will want to dive into big extensive messy projects.

      Definitely the crayon rubbing project will be doable- along with some paper projects. You can’t get too too crazy with scissors and paper and glue sticks, and you can still get some art-learning into your kids.

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crayon rubbing art project

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