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Easy Fun Painting Project for Little Kids

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Being outside and naked is a big part of my family’s life. Well, at least for the very young members of our family.

This isn’t really a project per se, but more of a technique that Beckett really enjoyed, and I like to think he absorbed all sorts of geometry theory while participating.

I happened to find a stencil full of circles and pulled it out one hot day while we were outside. I grabbed a big piece of white poster board, and some watercolor and finger paints. We started off with the circles and watercolors. He was very focused on trying to paint inside the circles.


water color stenciling
Look at those ribs. I promise we feed him.


stencil painting


When attention spans started to wane, we broke out the finger paints and got all loose and expressionistic. It was sort of a 2 for one project.


finger painting


painty hand


whole painting
The finished product

I think he was pretty careful with the finger paints based on trying to mimic the circles he was painting with the watercolors. I like this idea of using two different but similar materials to make the same shapes. It will give kids a feel for how different types of paint feel and act differently.

With a slightly older child, you could probably add on painting around cans to get a circle another way, and then ink up the bottoms of the cans to make circle prints. You’d be rewarded with a nice big painting of circles to display proudly in your home.


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  • I LOVE this idea! The earlier they can start learning about different media, how it works, feels, and works on the better. Its just all that stored up knowledge that will make him a great artist some day!

  • OMG, those paintings are gorgeous. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. As for those ribs showing, my son is EXACTLY the same. We beg him to eat, of course, but he’s just lengthening out (and still a peanut) but those ribs, THOSE RIBS! Like he barely gets a morsel of food.

    My son likes to be naked too. Is it a boy thing?!

  • I really like those initial circles – so careful. I like the finger painting too, especially the purple with lighter purple where the paint is lifted by fingers. Oh and love the hand!

    Painting in the nude – great idea!

    My kids are all ribs too!