Easy Art Projects to Keep Your Kids Busy While You…

12 easy art projects

12 easy art projects

We are going to my in-laws tomorrow for Turkey Day, but I know several of you will be cooking the big bird yourselves.

How do you keep your kids occupied while you’re trying to concentrate on not burning things? Do you have a game plan?

I thought I would compile some of my easiest art projects in case you needed ideas. These can be done with a minimum of materials/supervision, leaving you to focus all your attention on the grub.

easy art projects for kids

1. Draw on leaves – this is as easy as it gets; leaves, permanent markers, imagination 2. Folded Paper Marker Drawings – easy and lovely 3. This Textured Collage Project can be done with virtually anything 4. Break out the duct tape and scissors for some open-ended creating


easy art projects for kids

1. Paper Circles Collaging – do you have a big hole punch? If not, turn this into paper squares collaging. It takes no time at all to cut out a few squares to give your kid to glue onto a surface. 2. Is it too early to make paper snowflakes? 3. Staple Drawings are some of my favorite things ever, ever, ever. 4. Kid Business Cards – if you have small cards already, great, otherwise they can cut their own out and make some cool business cards. Or they can make Thanksgiving place setting cards….


easy art projects for kids

1. Most of these drawing games for kids can be done amongst your kids, without your supervision. 2. Let them sculpt with aluminum foil. Break out the box of aluminum foil and you can yell out ideas to them or they can do their own thing. 3. Mobius strips are an easy, cool way to play with paper. And they’re cool. 4. More colored card stock collages, this time for older kids. There you are- If you get them started at 6am, they can probably stay occupied until it’s time to eat. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

What do you think?

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