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Drawing in Mid-air With 3Doodler

3doodler inventors
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When I was a senior in high school, we had a visiting artist come in to our art class who was a local sculptor. He taught us oxyacetylene welding, and it was like magic. How could anything be cooler than drawing in mid-air with metal rods and fire? It was hands down my favorite. (Even after I torched my finger and it blew up like a marshmallow.)

I saw a tweet a few days ago from Parent City mentioning this thing on Kickstarter, and was immediately smitten! There was a write-up about them on Mashable and their funding tripled that day. Awesome.

If you think a pen that can draw in the air is something your kids might think is as awesomely cool as I do, check out this video:

Then go check out their page on Kickstarter. This sort of stuff gives me goosebumps usually reserved for watching a really good episode of Shark Tank.

Although they specify on the Kickstarter site that it’s not for kids, I’m pretty sure kids will be getting their hands on these things. It seems similar to a glue gun, where I think a lot of parents are okay with their kids using them with supervision.


3doodler inventors

Pete and Max, 3Doodler inventors

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