Draw Your Own Damn Coloring Book

Kick your creativity into high gear with 30 drawing ideas – perfect for daily sketchbook sessions or if you want to draw a coloring page for yourself or friends.

Each idea gives you step-by-step instructions, including at least one way to switch up the drawing. You’ll be able to take each project in so many different directions. It’s the perfect way to follow prompts when you want to, or challenge yourself to explore new drawing paths on your own.

Who's This Book For?

  • You love to make art, but you need some help with ideas
  • You want some easy drawing ideas as a warm-up
  • You like to try new things so you don't get stuck in a rut
  • You love to color, but don't think you're 'artistic'
  • You love the relaxing benefits from coloring
  • You want a creative challenge, but not sure how to start

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What Do You Get From This Book?

  • 30 drawing ideas with variations
  • Easy step-by-step directions
  • Extra drawing and coloring tips
  • Creative fun for you or a group
  • Venture beyond just coloring
  • Explore new drawing ideas
  • Boost your relaxation and mindfulness
Perfect for the person who is drawing challenged, or thinks they can't do anything with a writing implement except write their name. So many cool ideas for creating your own coloring pages, with examples and encouragement. There are SO many possibilities! I thought I'd never really want to do anything creative in this vein. I have created my own damn coloring pages with great success.
Peggy Sahumant

Not Sure if You'll Like This?

Check out this post, taken directly from the book and see if it looks fun to you. No? Pass on the book. Yes? Snap it up. You’ll love diving into all the ideas.

I encourage you to carve time out for yourself to sit and focus on doodling. Gift yourself that time to relax, breathe, slow down, and focus on making art.

Try your hand at drawing in different styles and see what resonates with you. Sometimes it’s incredibly effective to get out of your comfort zone with a new way of creating.

We love to color, but this book definitely kicks it up a notch. I love the guidance for creating super creative and original designs. I think it will be neat to have the kids design their own coloring books with the project ideas and them give them as presents. There are endless ideas and variations.
You do not need to be an artist to enjoy this book, but once you get started you will definitely feel like one! This book is quirky and fun and way more interactive than any traditional coloring book because you actually create the designs and doodles. The instructions are easy to follow and the results are rewarding!
K Cooper
I have really enjoyed the current craze for coloring books for adults, but THIS one is the best! Instead of expecting you to fill in a design, like a page of flowers or animals, or "stay inside the lines", like we heard all the time as kids, Jeanette gives you very creative drawing prompts. You pick one of her ideas, fill in the page from your own imagination and end up with a unique drawing. SO MUCH FUN! I make time for this book, I love it so much.
Amazon reviewer