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Draw This With Me: Some Lovely Little Rose Doodles

draw a rose
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I’m not normally one to draw flowers, just because I favor weird, trippy abstract shapes. But sometimes it’s fun to try new things and get all crazy with rose doodles.

Wanna join?

Grab your sketchbook and markers (I love Prismacolors), and watch this video:


  1. Draw a pink dot with marker, and draw leaves around it.
  2. Draw a circle with black marker over your dot. No need for perfection.
  3. Start from the inner edge of the circle and draw lines as shown below.
  4. Keep going until you get to the center.
  5. Draw roses everywhere. Isn’t it fun?

Like markers, huh? You’ll love all these Sharpie ideas.

steps to draw a rose

draw a rose

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