LoveLove CuteCute Rewards Kids’ Creativity

Maybe you’ve seen or heard of DIY? And I’m not talking about the HGTV and Martha-inspired wave of creative living plaguing the country. This is

It began as an app and has quickly morphed into one of the coolest sites I’ve seen in a long time for getting your kids excited about being creative.

patches from

They’re set up sort of like a scout patch challenge, so you get emails in your in-box with 3 challenges for creative undertakings at a time. Your kid chooses what they want to do, uploads a photo of it and collects a patch online. These aren’t just run of the mill coloring projects, though. Your kids can explore animation, weaving, cartography, industrial design, solar energy and woodworking to name a few.

You can comment on and ‘like’ different projects as you are exploring the site, and I would imagine this would be a great source of inspiration for kids to try new projects and perhaps learn a little something new.

You can even explore uploads by what is trending, such as Minecraft, forts, duct tape, knitting and rockets. projects

If you’re not convinced yet to show your kids the site, click on over to watch their anthem, which if I’m not mistaken is predicting a mass movement of little creative people running around inspiring each other. That, or woodland creatures will get really smart and really creative really soon.

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